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So on Break it Down Tuesday with Lewin and The Brycemeister, we had some “heavier” stuff (well, it had guitars…) and guest Mateo in the studio helping to allieve our lack of scripts (well, it’s more fun that way). Regular segment Gig-O-Matic popped up once again and pretty much nothing else happened. Also, a link […]

Welcome Lovely Ladies, Gentle Gents, Friends and Foes*. We will have to start with a retraction, last week when we suggested that Friday the 21st of March was an exciting date to remember, we were wrong, we got too excited and consequently lied. Madison made an attempt at the world record, and unfortunately did not […]

Episode 4 of Left, Right and Centre: rich, creamy, and just that little bit delicious on the ears. Subscribe to the podcast of the show via iTunes, or with the RSS Feed, or download the show directly. Lovable louts Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher discussed stories including, but not limited to: Wikileaks! Should there be […]

Hey guys! Sorry this post is occurring a little after the fact, but 1am is a little past my bedtime! 🙂 Anyway, on tonight’s show I basically played a whole lot of music (my taste in eighties pop classics was finally revealed), and had a brief chat about Earth Hour. Remember to switch off your […]

The Blue Monkey Jazz boys have completed the ultimate quadruple show set. Justin was married, Adam might be getting to know someone in a biblical sense and Ash has been collecting monkeys for the show. listen to us tonight and hear the following tracks. Ballpeen Hammer- Chris Whitley Take Five – Dave Brubeck I Got […]

Greetings internet traveller, you look tired, come and sit by our virtual fire and let us warm you with wit and charm. This week’s Illuminati fell on Friday the 21st of March, a date previously considered a bit of a dud, but no longer! For now it will be known as the first step in […]

The late night lads of Justin, Adam and Ash have saddled up for their third straight show and have been let off the leash by their quality control monkey. so O Ball, various naked stories and monkey news galore as well as Blues and Jazz to pour into your minds and down to your feet. […]