Break-it-Down, Lewin and Bryce (3/3/2009)


For the first show on Student Radio, the following tracks were played:

Robotosaurus – Double Edged Sword [Manhater]
Miss Golly Gosh – Band Sluts [Nice Girls Don’t Play Rock & Roll Comp.]
Jaguar Moon – Raven [Demo]
The Peaves – Black Crows and Butterflies [Nice Girls Don’t Play Rock & Roll Comp.]
Bombscare – Dubya [Depthcharge 3 Comp.]
Space Bong – The Protocols of Space Bong 1-12 [The Passion of the Crust]
Hybrid Illusion – Havoc [Rebirth EP]
Arcade Fire – Intervention [Neon Bible]
Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum [What People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not]
Jonathan Coulton – Still Alive [Portal Soundtrack]
Children Collide – Farewell Rocketship [The Long Now]
Manowar – All Men Play on 10 [Sign of the Hammer]

Now, support your local bands! The following bands are linked to Adelaide University through their music. If you know any other Adelaide Uni bands, let us know and we’ll put ’em up here! Contact us at
(Links to websites where you can hear the music of the bands are pending)
Hybrid Illusion
Space Bong
Snake Run
The Peaves
Jaguar Moon
Behind These Walls

Our next show will be on Tuesday the 10th of March, when we will focus on playing the most depressing songs possible!  Should be epic, listen in at 11PM.

Bryce and Lewin!

Bryce and Lewin!

That’s all,

Bryce and Lewin <3!


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