Left, Right and Centre Episode 1: Milk is Madness! (03/03/09)


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For the super extra special first episode of Left, Right and Centre, Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher discussed:

In Rapid Fire News:

Robert Mugabe at his 85th birthday celebrations

Robert Mugabe at his 85th birthday celebrations

  • Science finds cause to feel good:  Whether a glass is viewed as half-full or half-empty depends on your genes, British scientists claim. Researchers at the University of Essex found that variations in a mood-altering gene influence whether people take a pessimistic or optimistic view of the world. Those with a long version of the gene tend to have a “sunny disposition,” dwelling on positive aspects of life and deliberately playing down the negatives. Unconfirmed reports suggest that those wearing Armani jeans view the glass as half-full, while those wearing Piping Hot jeans are unlikely to see the glass at all. In other news, Tim sees the glass as full of milk, Mateo thinks that “milk is madness.”
  • London train station sign says: “No kissing”: Kissing has been banned at a London railway station, as outbreaks of passion are threatening the punctuality of trains. No kissing signs have been put up at the station’s taxi and drop-off zones. The company said that the signs were a light-hearted way of encouraging travellers not to clog the often crowded station.
  • Breastfeeding while driving: Police in Ohio have charged a woman with child endangerment after she was seen both breastfeeding a youngster and talking on a phone while driving. Officer Michael Burke said authorities used a license plate number to locate the 39 year old woman. He said the woman admitted breastfeeding, saying she couldn’t let her child go hungry.
  • Stampede at the Zoo: Due in part to Britain’s sharp recession, a job ad for temporary positions at Twycross Zoo in England has been answered by 3000 people, including former executives and company bosses. The jobs, which pay only a base wage and includes cleaning up after zoo animals among it’s responsibilities, was so popular that applicants caused an 8km traffic jam when they arrived for a recruitment day last Saturday.
  • Eternal flames await lusty men: A study approved by the Vatican has suggested that men are most likely to commit lustful sins. Women, however, are mainly occupied with pride, envy and anger. Monsignor Wojciech Giertych, personal theologian to the Pope, said that there was “No sexual equality” when it came to sin. He said that “When you look at vices from the point of view of the difficulties they create, you find that men experiment in a different way from women.”
  • Mugabe has his 85kg cake and eats it, too:  Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has celebrated his 85th birthday with a $250,000 party. There were 3000 people in attendance, and an 85kg cake. It is believed that Mugabe had botox injections before the party. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai did not attend the birthday celebrations.
  • Ban lifted on Python: A Welsh town has overturned a ban on Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, 30 years after it was released. The film was banned by a committee of church leaders in the town, who said it was blasphemous for telling the story of a Jewish man who is mistaken for Jesus and crucified. No one thought to revoke the ban because few people realised it still stood, until last year. Two of the original Pythons – Michael Palin and Terry Jones – will attend the charity screening later this month, after being invited by Sue Jones-Davies, Mayor of Aberystwyth, West Wales. Jones-Davies was in fact a star of the film, playing Brian’s girlfriend.

Warwick Capper and Pauline Hanson stand in the Queensland State Election…. in the same seat

Pauline Hanson and Warwick Capper have both nominated as independent candidates in the seat of Beaudesert in the upcoming Queensland election. At her campaign launch, Pauline Handson denied she was a serial candidate. Warwick Capper revealed his intention to run a few days ago, but on Tuesday his campaign met an insurmountable hurdle: no-one registered him as a candidate with the Electoral Commission of Queensland by the midday deadline.

Warwick Capper

McDonalds changes pricing structure to a “demand based pricing scheme”

A leaked document suggests McDonald’s outlets in Australia will change to a “demand-based pricing” scheme. The plan allows for price increases of between 1.8% and 3.3%, depending on demand and location. For example, 24-hour stores and busier outlets will experience greater price rises, because demand is greater and the costs of operation are higher.

A McDonald’s franchisee quoted in The Advertiser claims that “In general, the poorer suburbs will pay more.” A leaked corporate document reportedly notes that of McDonald’s forty-seven SA stores, thirteen, most of which are in suburbs defined by the Bureau of Statistics as “relatively worse off”, have an “opportunity to introduce more aggressive price rises.”

McDonald’s is defending its new scheme, insisting it does not target poorer suburbs.

And, the music played:

  • Desire Be, Desire Go (Tame Impala)
  • Pirouette (Tom West & The Art Therapists)
  • Target’s Airconditioner (Baterz)
  • Strawberry Wine (The John Steel Singers)

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~ The Left, Right and Centre Team


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