Illuminati – More Entertaining Than ‘Beauty and The Geek’*


Greetings Cyberspace!

If you were charming enough to tune into Radio Adelaide at Midnight on Thursday the 5th of March we thank and adore you, however, if you missed out (or simply wish to relive that haphazard evening) do not fret for you have come to the right place.

Madison gave you a run-down of what she calls “a highly entertaining evening”at the Sam Simmons Experience, a stand-up performance by Adelaidean (you guessed it) Sam Simmons; radio host, comedian and male. He told tales of losing his virginity on a slide in a playground in Hallet Cove and sex tears, all of which Madison insists was hilarious.

Our science portion of the evening focused on a recent study from the US that suggests conservatives download (and we assume watch) more porn. The nation-wide study compared credit-card receipts from an unnamed major online adult entertainment provider and found that though peoples viewing habits were more similar than different – that the figures do show the more conservative states to be the larger purveyors of online adult entertainment. Admittedly the majority of this articles selection is a result of Gemma’s willingness to jump on any band-wagon that highlights hypocrisy in the right and Madison’s willingness to discuss adult-entertainment. If you’d like to have a closer look at the facts – please do.

‘Factually Spurious’ took a look at conspiracy theorist extrordinaire  – David Ike and his (seemingly) wholehearted belief that the world is in fact being run by a interdimensional race of shape shifting lizard people. Giving special mention to President Obama’s excellent public speaking skills, cleverly dubbing them ‘hope-nosis’. In case you’ve got alot of time on your hands we’ve attached the link – hope-nosis – but honestly, it’d be better if you went outside…or something.

hopenosis(in case you weren’t already convinced)

Assuming you were listening you also heard of Madison’s (thus far failed) attempts at house-hunting, and consequently ‘Quote Unquote’ gave talk of the  mystical kitchen-room – $100 a week to sleep in a kitchen, possibly with a room-mate? “balderdash” you cry “why, how and who would do that?” we reply with this – proof.

Anyway enough of this chit-chat it’s playlist time!

We Played:

  • ‘Mango Tree’ from the charming Angus and Julia Stone
  • ‘Wandered’ from Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar
  • ‘It’s Alright’ from handsome Little Red
  • ‘Lies Are Much More Fun’ and as a deliberate decision and definately not a technical (gemma-based) mishap ’19 20 20′ from Madison’s heroes The Grates.
  • “End of The World” by charming Adelaide based Vorn Doolette
  • “Awkward Orchid Orchard” by alliteration fans The Boat People
  • “Lost in Time” from ‘the modern Jeff Buckley’ (- Madison Deckert, 2009) Whitley
  • “Sleeping Lion” from the lovely Sparkadia

Well it’s been lovely – and we remind you to tune in Tuesday through Thursday from 11pm – 1am to listen to the charming student radio team strut their stuff and specifically at Midnight on Thursday for Illuminati.

– Love Illuminati

*assuming you don’t enjoy ‘Beauty and The Geek’


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