Blue Monkey Jazz version 2


For all those who listened to our throughly more professional show this week.
Here is the set list
Jump Session- Don Redman
Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry
Take the A Train- Duke Ellington
Blue Skies- Duke Ellington
I am the Walrus- Dave Gilbert, (composers Lennon McCartney)
Someday Baby- R.L. Burnside & Lyrics Born
Sunshine of Your Love- Cream
Little Joe From Chicago- Andy Kirk
Sunny Side of the Street- Lionel Hampton
Eleanor Rigby- Zoot (composers Lennon, McCartney)


Chimp in stockholm is stockpiling weapons and planning their attack –

A gang of 300 monkeys are terrorizing a village in kenya, eating their crops and sexually harassing the women –

And a novel discussing the forbidden love between a man and a gorilla –

Thanks for listening guys and girls.
We will hear from you next week in the same way you will hear from us.
as always, got suggestions about what you want to hear drop us a suggestion.

(PS – If you can’t wait until next week for a bit of monkey related goodness, here’s a chimpanzee riding a segway )


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