Break It Down – 11 March 2009


Hello and welcome!

Thanks to all who joined me on my first Student Radio show for this year… and to those that missed it, thanks for making it this far 🙂

The beats were flowing tonight, with an absolute array of styles, genres, artists and nationalities featuring on the playlist.


Will.I.Am‘s smooth production rocked my socks when i first saw it, but I’d love to hear what YOU think of it. If you’re not familiar with it: former Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am created and produced a music collage video as his own personal campaign for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign of last year. All the lyrics are in fact, quotes from Obama’s concession speech in the New Hampshire primary and play on that infamous slogan: Yes We Can. The Obama camp never authorised it’s use, though it took off over the internet and even managed to pick up an Emmy Award for Best New Approaches in Day Time Entertainment!

As promised, you can check out Will. I. Am‘s “Yes We Can” Video below and play spot the celebrity while you’re at it.



Broadcasting the week after Womad meant access to lots of great interviews and international artists; my featured artists however, were Paprika Balkanicus.
I’ve been called a gypsy many a time, and I suppose listening to the traditional gypsy songs and rhythms  these guys play does nothing to dispel those rumours. Hailing from Romania, Slovenia and Serbia this London-based ensemble wows audiences with their fast paced and exciting interpretations of old Balkan tunes, and violinist Bogdan Vacarescu is simply unbelievable.

Call it bias, call it playing favourites – whatever. I love these guys… and the fact that I grew up listening to this music has nothing to do with that (this proabably isn’t 100% true). There’s something about the way they play, and the way the create atmosphere that transcends cultures, languages and history.

Check out Seth Jordan’s interview here.

Alternatively… Natalie Oliveri (Monday, The Range) also got a chance to chat to Jozef from the band…

Click here to hear this interview.

For more info on the band and their travels head to their myspace:


During O’Week at the University of Adelaide, I got to speak to Ollie, from the Adelaide University Fencing Club and found out some cool things about the often overlooked sport of fencing!
The club is a free for all opportunity for people of any sex, age, gender and build to get fit, have fun, learn some new skills, make new friends and learn an age old sport.

More information from


Bittersweet – Kanye West feat. John Mayer

Video – India.Arie

Numb vs. Encore – Jay-Z and Linkin Park (from the 2004 mash up album ‘Collision Course’

Yes We Can – Music Video by Will.I.Am

Nikes Fresh Out The Box – Mario

Naive – The Kooks

Space They Cannot Touch – Kate Miller-Heidke (Aussie Artist!)

Heart It Races – Architecture in Helsinki (Aussie Artist!)

Here We Go – John Woods Band (Aussie Artist!)

Eye of the Storm – Bliss N Eso (Aussie Artist)

Hip Hop Saved My Life – Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean

Taken for Granted – Sia (Aussie Artist!)

Niska Banja – Paprika Balkanicus

Thanks again for joining me! Also, a special thank you to the Blue Monkey Jazz guys for helping me de-stress a little bit before and during the show 🙂

Stay tuned to Student Radio – every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night 11pm-1am.

Catch ya soon!!!

Marija xxx


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