Illuminati – It’s not a sport it’s an activity.


Greetings Ladies, Gents and Boys Named Sue,

How lovely of you to drop by. This week Illuminati fell on Black Friday (only just) unfortunately this did not mean we were visited by the dead/undead/anyone. It did however feature an interview, a lunatic ninja, sheep circles, weaponry and EXTENDO STRAAAAAAW!

Madison interviewed Katrina from the Cassette Kids who are playing Adelaide’s O’ball Saturday Night (14th March), the interview was a success and it turns out Katrina collects rocks and (like your humble hosts) loves a little bit of MJ’s ‘Thriller’. We’ll attempt to podcast the whole interview in the near future so you can find out which rock is her favourite, the question we’ve all been asking ourselves.


The Ettlin family or more specifically Mr Ettlin also supplied us with many a glorious line for ‘Quote Unquote’ this week when an injured kangaroo smashed through their bedroom window and “leapt around the room, gouging holes in the furniture, smearing blood over the walls, and jumping on the family as they hid under the blankets.” The Story didn’t stop there though, the Kangaroo bounded into their son’s bedroom at whichpoint Mr Ettlin, assuming  responsibility, went on to wrestle the kangaroo in his underwear and put it in a headlock – obviously following standard intruder protocol. But our favourite quote comes from Mr Ettlin himself –  ‘My initial thought when I was half awake was: it’s a lunatic ninja coming through the window’ begging the question – is Mr Ettlin heavily invoved in the martial arts?


Lunatic Ninja? Almost certainly.

We took a brief look at the ‘phenomoenon’ of sheep circles –


Extra Terrestial communication or a bored farmer? You Decide. (It’s definitely  the latter.)

We also had a look at a handful of recent inventions in “How is That Useful?” Including the a new Taser XREP that distracts, disorientates and entices! Everything you’d want in a Taser. The Palm Pistol – a gun that assists in day to day living.  As well as the clever Power-Hog that teaches kids to pay attention to electricity consumption. Finally, Madison shared the wonders of EXTENDO STRAAAAAW though still in it’s early stages you can use your imagination and it would look something like a combination of –




Play List time!

‘Second Best’ because we’re still mourning for The Basics

‘Acrobat’ from Cassette Kids because O’Ball is looming

‘Can’t Steal My Love’ because everyone should get into The Wilson Pickers

‘Heavy Heart’ from You AM I because Gemma was singing it all week

‘Love Me Two Times’, because once wouldn’t be enough from The Doors

‘Blood Bank’ from Bon Iver because it’s sleep appropriate and we had to let Madison choose something

That is all there is, there is’nt anymore.

Love Illuminati.


3 Responses to “Illuminati – It’s not a sport it’s an activity.”

  1. 1 Nick

    love the show, even if we anonymous web bloggers don’t show it too often!

  2. 2 Gem and Madison

    It’s greatly appreciated Nick, we hope we continue to entertain! Which is a pity because we were considering going for ‘un-entertaining’ in our future shows, guess we’ll have to re-think that one, can’t let you down now.

  3. 3 Nick

    Damn straight 😀

    can’t let me down now. T-12 hours!

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