Left, Right and Centre Episode 3: Not Putin’ In (17/03/09)


Episode 3 of Left, Right and Centre: smooth, delicate, and just that little bit harsh on the ears.

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Lovable lads Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher discussed stories including, but not necessarily limited to:

We Have Bikies!
The crew discussed the validity of South Australian bikie laws. Should the Attorney General be allowed to declare specific organisations as criminal? Are the criteria for this decision legitimate? What about the strength of the conviction? Or the penalties? Do we answer any of these questions on the show? Should you have tuned in? Yes? Download the Podcast?

SA Attorney General censors Left, Right and Centre listeners
The Left, Right and Centre team were motivated to discuss censorship on last night’s show after two of its listeners were censored by the South Australian Attorney General, Michael Atkinson. The listeners, Iordan K and Michael T, had attempted to comment on Left, Right and Centre on a Facebook message board, but discovered that part of their feedback had “probably been declared illegal” and was “filtered out for being pornographic”, respectively. As a reaction to this grave injustice, the team considered whether video games have a negative influence and, therefore, whether they should be censored.

Rapid Fire News:

Minimalist art critic Jacques de Love feels room is 'Still too cluttered'

Minimalist art critic Jacques de Love feels room is 'Still too cluttered'

  • Pompidou Centre celebrates half a century of minimalism: The Centre is holding “a retrospective exhibition of 51 years of exhibitions without exhibits by nine different artists”. The exhibition will occupy five rooms in the French museum of modern art, each of which will remain entirely empty. The retrospective exhibition of nothing whatsoever even has a 500-page catalogue, which is reasonably priced at 39 Euros. The guards “watch suspiciously to make sure that the visitors do not touch anything, or in this case that they do not touch nothing.”
  • Female ducks feeling blue after males fall for each other: While the female, Cherry, has been left desperate and dateless, the sanctuary warden commented that the males, Ben and Jerry, “do make a lovely couple.”
  • Motorist stopped by police for laughing: The motorist, Gary Saunders, was accused by the police officer of “throwing…[his]…head back in a dangerous way”
  • Missile throwing chimp plots attacks on tourists: A 30 year-old chimpanzee has taken to throwing concrete disks at tourists. However, a zoo caretaker explained that because chimpanzees have a poor aim and throw underarm, few serious injuries have occurred.
  • Eurovision axes anti-Putin Georgian entry: Georgia’s Eurovision entry, We Don’t Wanna Put In, has been ruled unacceptable by organisers because it appears to poke fun at Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Watch The Video
  • Power tool sex toy wounds woman: A Maryland woman has been flown to hospital after she and her lover attached a sex toy to a motorized saw before it was used on the woman.
  • North Korea to launch satellite: North Korea has announced plans to launch a satellite into space next month, according to the International Maritime Organisation.
  • ‘Star Wars’ scientists create laser gun to kill mosquitos: US scientists are developing a “Weapon of Mosquito Destruction”, which locks onto and ‘toasts’ millions of mosquitoes in a few minutes.
3G are furious that their song will not be Put In Eurovision

3G are furious that their song will not be Put In Eurovision


  • I Don’t Ever Want To Change, the fastest song ever released by The Drones.
  • Army, by Ben Folds Five, because Tim loves the trumpets.
  • Disco 2000, by Pulp, chosen by Chris to get Casey singing in the studio.
  • Arc of Time, by Bright Eyes, because Casey is in love with Conor Oberst.
  • We Don’t Wanna Put In, by 3G, for the hilarious moustache of the singer.

And that’s it for another wonderful week. Remember the Facebook group, the email address (leftrightandcentre@live.com.au), and the blog (that which you are reading right now). We read them all.

And tune in to Student Radio  every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11pm to 1am. Specifically  Left, Right and Centre on Tuesdays at Midnight.

Au Revoir!

~ The Left, Right and Centre team.


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