Blue Monkey Jazz


The Blue Monkey Jazz boys have completed the ultimate quadruple show set. Justin was married, Adam might be getting to know someone in a biblical sense and Ash has been collecting monkeys for the show.
listen to us tonight and hear the following tracks.
Ballpeen Hammer- Chris Whitley
Take Five – Dave Brubeck
I Got Rhythm- The Engine Room
Fingerbuster- Jesse Fuller
Baggin’ the Dragon- Dave Brubeck & Bill Smith
A junky for the Groove- Dorian Mode
Groove Holmes- Beastie Boys
Dark was the Night, Cold was the ground- Blind Willie Johnson

tune in, listen up and space out.

Photos of the night (and all the monkeys (and apes)) up soon. Night y’all.


One Response to “Blue Monkey Jazz”

  1. I own a Ballpeen hammer.

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