Left, Right and Centre: Blacklisted (24/03/09)


Episode 4 of Left, Right and Centre: rich, creamy, and just that little bit delicious on the ears.

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Lovable louts Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher discussed stories including, but not limited to:


Should there be a private, classified internet blacklist? Should Wikileaks have published a document which essentially amounts to a list of child pornography, rape and incest websites and where, exactly, to find them? Should we have devoted so long to discussing the leak? Complain?!


Should alcoholic soft drinks be more expensive? Do you find their bright colours and foul taste slightly disgusting? Would you prefer it if they were banned altogether, or do you think they should be handed out free at the door of all pars, blubs and cubs?

The Environment!

What’s a CPRS? Is there a problem with it, whatever it is? Do you like the sound of Richard Denniss’ voice? Who’s Richard Denniss, do you ask? Why would you ask that? Why don’t you listen in and find out?

Rapid Fire News!

Have you been eating off of cocaine platters?

Have you been eating off of cocaine platters?

One, and-a Two, and-a Three, and-a Playlist!

  • Frontier Psychiatrist, by The Avalanches, because that boy (Chris) needs therapy
  • Miracle Drug, because Casey feels like some of A.C. Newman‘s pills could help Chris with his problem.
  • I Shall Be Released, because evidently Bob Dylan is an optimist.
  • Gobbledigook, because we don’t expect fluent English from Icelandic sympathisers Sigur Rós.
  • Mist to round out the show, by The John Butler Trio, because it’s not fair if we don’t let Mateo pick a song.

And that’s it for another week. Remember the facebook group, the email address leftrightandcentre@live.com.au, and this website. And tune in next week.

Special thanks to Gem (from Illuminati, listen to it), for helping with the podcast. You are lovely.

Au Revoir!

~ The Left, Right and Centre Team


4 Responses to “Left, Right and Centre: Blacklisted (24/03/09)”

  1. 1 Not Chris

    I would like to register a complaint – I do not believe that the picture depicts a full 42-piece dinner set, mister.

    Kind regards,

    Not Chris from Left, Right and Centre.

  2. 2 Gem

    Aw shucks. You guys are also…lovely. It’s adjectives galore here at student radio!

  3. 3 Duffy

    Always good to hear the intelligible unbiased raving of the the fair folk from planet McCarthy. Keep up the good work, lads.
    Yours, Herbert (retired)

  4. 4 Casey

    All of your comments really are lovely.
    Keep them up, we love them.


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