Illuminati – It’s ok, 3/7 Agree.


Welcome Lovely Ladies, Gentle Gents, Friends and Foes*.

We will have to start with a retraction, last week when we suggested that Friday the 21st of March was an exciting date to remember, we were wrong, we got too excited and consequently lied. Madison made an attempt at the world record, and unfortunately did not even half the current record; eating a (measly) 3 Ferrero Rocher in 60 seconds. That said, I at least (co-host Gem) was highly entertained and we hope that entertainment managed to reach you, dear listener. If not it was (poorly) filmed for your convenience.

Fortunatley our show consisted of more than that disappointing 60 seconds. We had a look at Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) formerly known as apotemnophilia (love of amputation). It’s a relatively serious disorders where by individuals have a strong desire to amputate one or more of their limbs. Though previously considered to be some sort of sexual desire (thanks for that one John Money) more recent studies have suggested that it’s a result of some form of defect in the Right Paretial Lobe of the brain. Essentially this section of the brain is thought to be involved in forming your mental body map and patients who suffer from BIID do not show any activity in this section when the undesired limb is touched. As you might expect BIID has led to some pretty serious injuries; there was one gentleman who left his leg in dry ice until a doctor was forced to amputate it, or the more horrific DIY cases that involve gunshots and woodchippers.

Madison also encouraged and continues to encourage you all to seek out the John Steel Singers and all that is associated with them (their CD would be a good start). While raising the issue of poor floor design in music venues suggesting (with arguably minimal foresight) that large poles in the centre of the room are quite inconvenient when viewing talented lads and lasses on stage.

Factually Spurious saw us take a closer look at your humble hosts favourite conspiracy theory / myth; Nessie. Does She exist? Madison says yes, Madison also says she has chameleon like attributes that allow her to blend into her underwater habitat safe from both sight and sonar detection. Gemma is sceptical. Unlike Robert Rines an 85 year old Nessie Hunter who has spent the better part of the past 37 years looking for her. Sadly however, he is giving up the search under the belief that “Nessie may be dead, a victim of Global Warming”. Leading us to ask; Global Warming Haven’t you taken enough?


It convinced Madison.

If you lasted the entire show you would have also heard ‘Binoculars’ a short radio play from Adelaide’s very own Brad Lee starring the talented duo Kym Begg and Guy O’Grady.

There were also songs! (Admittedly quite long ones) You Heard:

‘Step Into My Office, Baby’ from Belle and Sebastian a lovely track that achieves the impossible – it makes office work sound sexy.

‘Nothing Compare To You’ from Dan Kelly and his charming Ukulele.

‘Strawberry Wine’ from Madisons new favourite The John Steel Singers.

‘Andy Warhol’ a fantastic cover from Love Outside Andromeda

‘Little Miss Pipe Dream’ your hosts favourite track from The Wombats

‘Casimir Pulaski Day’ because it’s a freaking brilliant track from Sufjan Stevens

‘Lover, You Should Have Come Over’ from Jeff Buckley because it makes you feel lonely and loved at the same time.

Love Illuminati

* Foes are not actually that welcome.


One Response to “Illuminati – It’s ok, 3/7 Agree.”

  1. 1 Emma

    This man that took the photo lied. This is not Nessie for he then admitted it in 1944.

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