Break it Down Tuesday – Lewin & Bryce – 31/03


So on Break it Down Tuesday with Lewin and The Brycemeister, we had some “heavier” stuff (well, it had guitars…) and guest Mateo in the studio helping to allieve our lack of scripts (well, it’s more fun that way). Regular segment Gig-O-Matic popped up once again and pretty much nothing else happened.

Also, a link to the Unibar gig guide as promised.


Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees – Israel
Oasis – Shock of the Lightning
Within Temptation – Grace
The Strokes – Heart in a Cage
Machine Gun Fellatio – Unsent Letter
Black Market Baby – White Boy Funeral
A Red Dawn – Draw the Line
Mortal Sin – Before the Bough Breaks
Sonic Euphoria – Thus it Begins
Machinae Supremacy – Death from Above
Random – Spontaneous Devotion
she – Nebula


One Response to “Break it Down Tuesday – Lewin & Bryce – 31/03”

  1. 1 Mateo

    It’s alleviate, not allieve. But good blogging apart from that.

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