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So we ran a lil’ over this week. Playlist t’was sweet and we had guest Walid in the studio! Withered Beauty – Failure Radiohead – Creep Muse – Map of the Problematique Guided by Voices – Game of Pricks Krisiun – Slain Fate Double Dragon – Nothing@Hand Space Bong – Deathstar Depression LORD – On […]

Hello lovelies, Welcome back to another week of Illuminati, sad news this week as Madison announced she will be leaving us very soon leaving Gemma all on her lonesome…or perhaps with a guest host. We’re unsure! There was also happy news as Nintendo celebrated it’s 20th birthday. To celebrate eggs were cracked, pasta was thrown, […]

Yes it can be said that i’m lazy, unorganised and somewhat delayed, but they also say better late than never! So here it is the playlist for thursday the 23rd of April! In order we heard: ‘Low Bedroom’ – The Upskirts ‘Hearts on Fire’ – The Dirty Secrets ‘Disko Unterhaag’ – Polygon Palace ‘Heart’ – […]

 Returning for another week, despite the ever-growing horde of protestors outside Radio Adelaide: Subscribe to the podcast of the show by visiting the podcasts page. Or download this week’s show directly. With the team reunited at last, Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher pulled their knees in tight, and shot from their respective hips: The Budget   […]

hey lads and ladettes, here’s my playlist for this evening’s show: Bloc Party – Mercury (Intimacy) Bertie Blackman – Heart (Heart – EP) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weapon Of Choice (Baby 81) Prince – Kiss Van She – Changes (V) Kanye West – Paranoid (808s and Heartbreak) Emiliana Torrini – Big Jumps (Me and Armini) […]

Greetings internet-competent friends! This week Illuminati had our first special guest; Vorn Doolette, and my oh my didn’t we treat him like a human jukebox? Yes, yes we did. We also had fainting goats, moon landings and the end of christmas (not literally of course, the studio’s too small). Our scientific segment was considerably less […]

Subscribe to the show: via iTunes or via RSS. Or just download this weeks show directly. On this weeks premiere episode of Left, Right and Centre, violent velociraptors Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher Tristan filibustered their way through: British Intelligence Bungle Concern was expressed by the team at the oversight of the (now resigned) most […]