Blue monkey jazz the fifth.


We’re still on the air! Take that doubters! (Where by doubters we mean Susan)

So last nights show…that was fun! Justin declared a vendetta against the girl in the convenience store for not laughing at his jokes, Ash swore a lot and played with some gorillas, Adam tried to make a spirit level out of his water bottle, and we played a fair bit of music. We also discussed jack white being our slut of the week and the fact that nobody has slept with renee zelwegger. But now, the playlist:

  • Catch hell blues – The white stripes
  • Rag and bone – The white stripes
  • You go to my head – Dale Barlow (Australian artist)
  • I have seen – Zero 7
  • Roadhouse blues – The doors (live track)
  • Look to the sun – Guru, from the album Jazzamatazz vol 4 (Ash’s not quite jazzy track of the week)
  • Loving cup – The rolling stones and jack white

We also subjected you to this song:–szrOHtR6U

and we finally reviewed Dunston checks in. We loved it. Rupert everett is an arsehole, Jason alexander made Ash jealous by spooning with a chimp, and a woman in a fancy dress gets covered in cake. We gave it 4 bananas out of five.

We had a new collection of monkeys join us in the studio. Thelonious monkey our quality control monkey was with us as usual, and a blue gorilla called hawke, and a screaming monkey puppet called Joy division (Thanks marija!) We also had a white boxing gorilla and a flying screaming monkey that needs name. We would have photos here but the computer crashed twice while trying to upload them, so check the facebook group for pics eventually.

The end, until we get something done here and give you some pretty pictures.

(Just kidding Susan, we love you and your pizza stealing ways)


One Response to “Blue monkey jazz the fifth.”

  1. 1 Casey

    I would suggest the name “Casey” for the flying screaming monkey.

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