Left, Right and Centre: Space Naan (31/03/09)


Episode 5 of Left, Right and Centre: acidic, bitter and just that little bit venomous on the ears.

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Lovable layabouts Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher discussed stories including, and quite possibly limited to:


Are revelations uncovered by Canadians about a network of cyberspies utterly, utterly terrifying? Does the fact that they are operating out of China suggest they’re Chinese agents? Or Chinese-American agents pretending to be Chinese agents? Does the fact that the network can monitor people through computer microphones and webcams present a serious threat to security? Or will it just mean that Chinese or Chinese-Americans or non-Chinese-American Americans will end up spying on young people doing stupid things on YouTube?

Joel makes a Funky Fitzgibbon out of himself

Joel Fitzgibbon - using professional sport as his backup to politics

Joel Fitzgibbon - using professional sport as his backup to politics

Should officials from the Department of Defence be monitoring their own Defence Minister? Does the hoopla surrounding Fitzy’s relationship with Helen Liu and her relationship with the Chinese government amount to little more than a veiled attempt to stoke the fires of xenophobia (as distinguished from Xenomania, the British pop music producers)? Should Joel keep a Gibbon named “Fitz”?

Double Dissolution!

Should the government call a double-dissolution election if they cannot pass the alcopops bill (even just to get rid of that irritating Steven Fielding)? Would you vote for Labor if they did? Are you doubly-disillusioned with the federal government than you were in The Howard Years?

Rapid Fire News:

Boldly going where no naan has gone before

Boldly going where no naan has gone before


  • Forks and Knives, by Beirut, because even the Lebanese have to eat.
  • Jonathan Fisk, by Spoon, to continue the culinary theme of the show.
  • Fire and Rain, by James Taylor, because Tim vetoed Casey’s original choice of Sunshine and Happiness.
  • Greg! The Stop Sign!!, to fulfill our self-imposed TISM quota for the week.
  • Spelling Bee Girl, by Man Bites God, for the lyric “I had to spell Rhinoscerous – I spelled it L-O-V-E”

So that’s all there is, there isn’t any more. Hopefully you are not Oliver Twist, and will not ask for more anyway. Because it doesn’t exist.

~ The Left, Right and Centre Team


One Response to “Left, Right and Centre: Space Naan (31/03/09)”

  1. 1 Anon

    It seems you’re taking on the music listing styles of the amazing Illuminati girls’ blog, it’s no wonder really, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

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