Illuminati – An exercise in belated blogs.


Greetings Cyber Cats and Radio Dogs,

Apologies for the late post but we can’t all be wonder woman can we? The most recent installment of Illuminati on the 2nd of April saw us look at evolutionary ‘mistakes’, obviously sick bears, Madison’s aversion to female news readers and Milk.

Dr Seymour from our very own University of Adelaide (and others, whose names we have neglected) have come to the conclusion that Sauropods (the ones with the long necks from The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park, you know the ones) would not have held their heads upright as has previously been thought because their hearts would have been incapable of pumping the blood to their brains. Instead it’s thought that these prehistoric giants …would have kept their heads mainly horizontal and eaten like cows.” Because the grass is greener on the other side? Who knows.

Such long necks and you're eating off the ground?

Such long necks and you're eating off the ground?

That's better.

That's better.

Madison also raised her personal gripe with female news readers – poor news coverage? Think again. Too much Make-Up. Fairly insulting words were brandished all of which will stay in audio land, but take a look for yourself and come to your own conclusion?

maybe too much blush?

maybe too much blush?

Madison and Gemma also revisited their romantic night out (not that romantic) at the cinema, as they were perhaps the last two people worth their weight in salt to see Milk. The verdict? A unanimous – Brilliant! Haven’t seen it? Go See It. Have seen it? See it again!

This week Factually Spurious took us down the road to Big Foot/ The Abominable Snowman/ Yeti/ Yowie/ Sick Bears. Whatever name you choose they’re big, hairy, heavy, dangerous and probably a man/lady with too much time on their hands in a home-made bear suit. Gemma promised a picture of a ‘sighting’ from a couple years back, but yet again has failed, more apologies!

Finally, Song Time!

‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’ – Blues Brothers

‘So Far Around The Bend’ – The National

‘Rocket Man’ – Elton John

‘Close To Me’ – The Cure

‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ – Vorn Doolette

See you next week, Love Illuminati*.

(*It’s a demonstration of affection not a direction)


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