Sensational and Sensual Week 6- Blue Monkey Jazz


The trio of lust, love and desire otherwise known as Adam, Ash and Justin took to the airwaves again this week with a bundle of music and some sensual news for everyone out there, including sex tips for the person who feels like they are just not getting it right.
Do you know what to do with that ice cream cone?
also we have diana krall in studio for her vocal stylings, in compact disc form.

There is also going to be a condom race between Ash ‘the axe’ Brook and Adam ‘The annilator’ Rehn. Two Men, Two Bananas and two Quickie Condoms, who will finish first?

Now the Track List
Boy from Ipanema- Diana Krall
Hang you from the heaven- The Dead Weather
End of a love affair- Dale Barlow
Walk on by-Diana Krall
Subterranean Homesick Blues- Bob Dylan
Going down south- RL Burnside & Lyrics Born
Godzilla- Paul Grabowski
Chocolate Jesus- Tom Waits


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