Left, Right and Centre: How Would That Cover Their Faces?! (09/04/09)


The Sixth Episode of Left, Right and Centre: just a step to the left, and a jump to the rii-ii-ii-ight. Subscribe to the podcast of the show via iTunes, via RSS, or download this weeks show directly.

This week, cunning cantaloupes Mateo, Christopher, Casey and Tim Jon discussed:

The Internet

It's a series of tubes

It's a series of tubes

The federal government’s proposed National Broadband Network. It’s an interesting topic, with interesting consequences, and interesting side-effects. We discussed it, but drew few conclusions. This is largely the fault of the governments. We say that because they haven’t released detailed costing or analysis yet. Casey however was glad for a topic upon which he was the (relative) expert.

Climate Change

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi was the catalyst for a forthright discussion of climate change, or as Senator Bernardi calls it, “extreme political propaganda.” A government competition, asking students to answer the question “What does climate change mean to me?” attracted the criticism, because “one can only guess that the only children eligible to win this competition will be those who conform to the Rudd Government and Minister Wong’s extreme political propaganda about climate change.” We here at Left, Right and Centre couldn’t agree more with Senator Bernardi. Next on the hitlist: the propaganda that is “Drink Driving.”

Nuclear Obliteration!

The prospect of Nuclear war is very, very scary, primarily because if it happened, Left, Right and Centre wouldn’t be on the air. Speaking of air, North Korea launched a “communications satellite” into it recently, and that has “the free world” worried, especially because initial reports suggest the launch was a success. Admittedly, all of the reports originate from North Korean news services, which some people might argue is slightly unreliable. We then discussed the issue of nuclear proliferation more broadly, and concluded that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is full of shit. We finished our discussion by addressing the MADdening fore-mentioned problem of Left, Right and Centre not being on the air in the event of nuclear catastrophe, and hatched a plan to operate as a pirate radio station broadcasting from a cruise liner and therefore avoid the blast should the worst, in fact, happen.

Rapid Fire News:

Every successful heist starts with a plan.

Every successful heist starts with a plan.


  • Suffer For Fashion, because Chris identifies with Of Montreal in that respect.
  • Do You Realise??, by The Flaming Lips, because Casey thinks that you all have the most beautiful face. Except Mateo.
  • Heart’s a Mess, by Gotye, because Tim’s heart is a mess after eating all that calorie laden food, and the news of his replacement by Jon.
  • Melody Day, by Caribou, as we called it a day.

The End! Email us at leftrightandcentre@live.com.au, every minute that we don’t get an email, we die a little inside.

Tata for now.

~ The Left, Right and Centre Team xoxo okay thanks bye.


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