Break It Down Tuesday 14th April – LEWIN AND BRYCE!!!1one


Played some songs tonight, and had a special guest, student radio amateur surgeon Casey in the studio! We even played some requests.

Playlist and gig guide as promised, we love you! Comment us here or stalk us and leave creepy notes in our letterboxes if you have a request that you think we should play!

Shot in Paris! – Confrontation
Little Birdy – Come On Come On
The Coral – Dreaming of You
It Don’t Move Me – Peter Bjorn and John
OBSCURE – Dir En Grey
Haruka Kanata – Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Children Collide – Skeleton Dance
Krisiun – Soul Devourer
Manowar – Brothers of Metal
Holy Dragons – Poslednij Boj (The Last Fight)
Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees – Happy House

Gig guide:
Thursday, 16th of April
Hardcore bands: Bloodsport, Sixlip (from New Zealand), Armoury, My Catalyst
– Unibar 8:00 pm, $10, 18+

Friday, 17th of April
Double Dragon, Truth Corroded, Asphyxia, Satoria [Double CD launch!!]
– Enigma Bar, 7:30, All Ages, $12

Friday, 17th of April
Infection, Maverick, Ever Ready, Prisonbitch
– World’s End Hotel, 8:00pm, $10, 18+

Saturday, 18th of April
Remassacre, Rising from Ruins, Sailors Grave, My Last Breath
– The Underground, 7:30, $12, All Ages

Wednesday, 22nd of April
Krisiun (Brazil), Dawn of Azazel (New Zealand), Tzun Tzu, Closed Casket
– Live on Light Square, about $40

Thursday, 23rd of April
The Network (US), Robotosaurus, Craterface
– Unibar

Friday, 24th April
Erosion, Yellow Megaman, Hybrid Illusion, Till Death
– Northern Sound System (Elizabeth) 7pm, $10 entry

Friday, 24th April
Far West Battlefront, F.I.T.H., Dogs with Bees in their Mouths, Orphans of the Sky, Bermuda
– Live on Light Square (Adelaide CBD)

Friday, 24th April
Quasar (CD Launch), Ne Obliviscaris (Victorian), Art in Exile, Mythyca
– Enigma Bar, 8:30, $12

Sunday, 26th April
Scorcherfest (many bands, including…)
Aspyhxia, Immortal Threat, Imminent Pschosis, Sonic Euphoria…
– 11:00 am, Live on Light Square

Cannibal Corpse in September
Kreator – later this year

Let us know if you want our footwear recommendations either in the blog or delivered personally, Lewin is always up for a talk about shoes.



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