Left, Right and Centre: About as useful as a gay elephant (14/04/09)


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On this weeks premiere episode of Left, Right and Centre, violent velociraptors Mateo, Timothy, Casey and Christopher Tristan filibustered their way through:

British Intelligence Bungle

Concern was expressed by the team at the oversight of the (now resigned) most senior counterterrorism officer, Bob Quick, for accidentally leaking a secret document detailing the times and locations of raids on terrorist suspects to the press. The whole event just begs the question: if you’ve got a manila folder in your hand, why not use it to conceal the secret document, instead of as a base upon which to display the document?

The not-so-secret document.

The not-so-secret document.

Affirmative Action

News of the ALP’s affirmative action policy meaning that very few men will be able to win preselection in winnable seats for the next Victorian state election sparked a heated debate about the merits of affirmative action policies. Effective means of achieving equality, or enforcing equality by institutionalising discrimination? Panellists took a step to the left, and a jump to the right, as this issue divided the team along atypical lines. It felt a little bit like doing the Time Warp.

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

Another cause for consternation amongst the team: is the government’s proposed cap-and-trade system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the targets that have been set adequate? And will it pass into legislation? The answer to the first question is up for debate. The second question, at least amongst the opinion of the panellists, can be answered with a resounding no. The Greens want as a minimum target more than what the government is willing to offer as a maximum. Impasse.

Rapid Fire News:

The Rescue Shelter Boys.

The Rescue Shelter Boys.

Odes of the week:

  • Kept Low, three minutes of rock from Sydney’s Mercy Arms
  • Guitar Hero, because Casey couldn’t possibly last the entire hour without hearing from Amanda Palmer
  • Modern Love, by David Bowie, a song that Tim’s been aching to play since we cut it for time in the first show.
  • How’s It Feel, by The Panics. After that discussion about affirmative action, it felt tense.
  • Roxanne, by The Police, as we put off the red light for another week.

Another week done, and we all go back to our respective lives once more. Tim goes back to sleeping and eating, Mateo hugs some cats, Tristan struggles to return to his former life as a non-minor radio celebrity, and Casey plots his student radio revolution.

Cha Cha!

~ The Left, Right and Centre Squad.


2 Responses to “Left, Right and Centre: About as useful as a gay elephant (14/04/09)”

  1. 1 Timothy

    Worst Signoff Ever.

  2. amazing stuff thanx

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