Illuminati – Now with 100% More Vorn.


Greetings internet-competent friends!

This week Illuminati had our first special guest; Vorn Doolette, and my oh my didn’t we treat him like a human jukebox? Yes, yes we did. We also had fainting goats, moon landings and the end of christmas (not literally of course, the studio’s too small).

Our scientific segment was considerably less scientific than usual this week, taking a look at another case of failed evolution (or foolish domestication) in  Myotonic Goats.  More commonly known as fainting or falling goats they suffer from a genetic condition which causes the muscles in their legs to stiffen when they are startled, meaning they fall over. What would startle the goats? In the footage an umbrella does it, meaning a predator would most certainly do the trick. It’s been suggested they were bred by farmers to be kept amongst other more agile livestock  so in the event of a predetaor they would involuntarily sacrifice themselves saving the rest of the flock. This seems logical but cruel. In any case the footage is pretty funny and they’re mostly bred as pets these days.

eaaaaat meeeee?

eaaaaat meeeee?

We also celebrated Madison’s step towards rationality in Factually Spurious as we looked at the Moon Landing Hoax. Everybody knows this one so I need not explain, but until approx 10:30pm last night (April 16th) Madison honestly believed no one had been to the moon… That said Gemma is embarrassed to say she was unaware so many people had made it to the moon and consequentley wants to apologize to: Alan Bean, Eugene Cernan, Pete Conrad, Charles Duke, James Irwin, Edgar Mitchell, Harrison Schmitt, David Scott, Alan Shepard and John Young for being hideously unaware you’d made it up there.

Madison wants to see MJ moon walk, on the moon.

Madison wants to see MJ moon walk, on the moon.

We also brought a whole bunch of gigs to your attention for this Friday the 17th, all of which are sure to be entertaining –

Jay Walker and The Pedestrians and Jimmy & The Mirrors @ Rocket Bar, Doors open at 9pm.

Cabaret @ The Jade Monkey Featuring  a whole bunch of talented individuals inclusing Bird Wizdom.  Doors also open at 9pm.

The Bellephonics @ The Crown & Sceptre. Doors open all day because it’s free!

Playlist Time!

Royal In The Afternoon from The Whitlams because words of a drunk fade with the light.

10Am Automatic from The Black Keys because something about the night makes us change from sweet to deranged.

Lots of songs from Vorn, Live songs! Head to his Myspace for a listen then buy his CD because all the cool kids have.

An unnamed story from Brad Lee.

Lots of Love from Illuminati


5 Responses to “Illuminati – Now with 100% More Vorn.”

  1. I have a very curious question that I am oddly struggling to get answered… can you help?

    My question: “Why does the moon have no rotation?
    We only ever see one face of the moon. There are thousands of photos of the moon available on-line and they ALL cover the same side, even though I have noticed three main angle differences, I guess these are from the location that the pics were taken from.
    Either way, no one seems to want to answer my question so I thought I’d ask you !

  2. 2 paul

    The moon does have a rotation. it turns at exactly the same rate as the Earth does, that’s why it always has the same facing to us. Similar things are seen among the other planets in our solar system. One solar body is actually 2 objects, and they both turn against each other, so that from either one, the other always has the same facing.

    I believe if you are on the moon, because of the oposing rotations that cause the moon to stand still while on Earth, it appears that Earth spins twice as fast as it should… not sure, I’ve never been to the moon(not yet)

  3. 3 Aristarchus

    The moon revolves around the Earth about once every 29 days. It also rotates on its axis at the same rate, about once every 29 days. This is because the moon is “tidally locked”. The gravity of the moon causes tides on Earth; the gravity of Earth also causes tides on the moon, even though the moon doesn’t have any oceans. Because the force of gravity decreases with distance (according to the inverse-square law), the side of the moon closest to Earth feels slightly more gravity than the side farther away. Over millions of years, this difference slowed down the rotation of the moon until its day and year (relative to Earth) became the same. See “tidal locking” for more information.

  4. 4 noman

    image was not petty clear

  5. 5 tania

    This is all extremely fascinating! one wouldn’t realize that the plain undecorated moon would never really be photographed from apposing sides and if so how different can the moon be? As all we know the earth is “round” due to energy flowing at its most peaceful this way – simplicity is what we see, Einstein believed in the answer being completely simple. Anyways, Illuminati, I love the way you write about silly goats collapsing! write more, its a good giggle! 🙂 Crazy but simply silly of them farmers who bred ’em. Allivoiahs!

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