Chrissy breaks it down in blogtown!


Yes it can be said that i’m lazy, unorganised and somewhat delayed, but they also say better late than never! So here it is the playlist for thursday the 23rd of April!

In order we heard:

‘Low Bedroom’ – The Upskirts

‘Hearts on Fire’ – The Dirty Secrets

‘Disko Unterhaag’ – Polygon Palace

‘Heart’ – Bertie Blackman

‘Lying on the street on a friday night’ – Young Dead Actors

‘Science of Fear’ – The Temper Trap

‘Red Shoes’ – Karl Christoph

‘Little Bird’ – Shoe

‘Can’t Take it Back’ – Nick Pes

‘Heartbreak Scorsese’ – Snob Scrilla

‘Brother’ – Little Birdy

‘9 Songs a problem’ – Vorn Dolette

‘I’ll take you down’ – Lion island

I’ll keep posting my playlist and any other interesting tit bits from now on!

Also if you know a band you think i should know about, tell me about them via my email




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