Illuminati – actual size but we look much bigger


Hello lovelies,

Welcome back to another week of Illuminati, sad news this week as Madison announced she will be leaving us very soon leaving Gemma all on her lonesome…or perhaps with a guest host. We’re unsure! There was also happy news as Nintendo celebrated it’s 20th birthday. To celebrate eggs were cracked, pasta was thrown, a sleep over was held, people were embarrassed, 2 boys and one girl was cloned and a Musical was seen.  So let’s get into it!

Gameboy that survived the Gulf War - even soldiers need Tetris.

Gameboy that survived the Gulf War - even soldiers need Tetris.

Factually Spurious looked at kitchen myths. Is it impossible to break an egg in one hand? Youtube and Madison say no, but we suspect there is maths behind it, maths we don’t understand, making us suspect we need to bring in a resident mathematician/mathemagician, (we’ll consider all applications seriously). This did however lead us to the Iowa Egg Council – they really like eggs! Additionally is pasta cooked if it sticks to the wall? This is a pretty common kitchen myth, it’s claimed that your pasta is cooked if when you throw it against a wall it sticks. Not to rely on straw poll’s or anything but when we tried it at home it failed miserably.

Quote Unquote became Social Faux-Pas this week as Madison embarrassed herself in public yet again. How? A case of mistaken identity led Madison to sneak up behind a male she had never seen before and whisper “I’ve seen you naked” into his ear. He was confused, Madison was embarrassed, Gemma laughed.

Science looked at the  cloning craze that’s sweeping the scientific world, it’s retro cool. Last month Severino Antinori suggested that three clones already exist, one girl and two boys who are 9 years old and are alledgedly living in Eastern Europe. Unsuprisingly he offered no evidence and has been mostly mocked. However Panayiotis Zavos of Kentucky has (allegedly) cloned 14 human embryos and supposedly inserted 11 of them into the wombs of four women. He also claimed to have created hybrid human-cow embryos. More insiduously however a documentary has been filmed in which Zavos uses the DNA of a young girl recently killed in a car accident to create human-cow embryos for study. Zavos says his goal is to help infertile couples have a baby through cloning so that atleast one of the parents can be reproduced as a twin of themselves.  This left your hosts asking some questions – Why are we attempting to clone humans when experience has shown us it’s too dangerous for mother and baby? Why are we trying to clone entire humans when we haven’t got organs right yet? Why are we seeking out more ways of populating the earth when we’re looking down the barrel of unsustainable population?

what is man, that thou art mindful of him?

He will put the human-cows on his right and the goats on his left.

Gemma was also lucky enough to catch Metro Street and hopes you were too. It starred Nancye Hayes, Debra Byrne, Cameron Goodall, Jude Henshall and Verity Hunt-Ballard, and was excellent. “That’s not a review” you cry, “Too Bad” I say.


‘Wind Cries Mary’ from ol Hendrix because if you subscribe to Radio Adelaide this month you go into the draw to win a fender.

‘Riverside’ from Lowrider because we’ve been hanging around with all the cool kids downtown.

‘Peace Frog’ from The Doors because ghosts crowd a young child’s fragile eggshell mind, and they need two hands to fix it.

‘Kate’ from Ben Folds because Madison is everything we want and everything we’re not.

‘No Particular Place To Go’ from Chuck Berry because everyone likes a stolen kiss.

‘All Day and All Of The Night’ from The Kinks because we’re with you all of the night….or at least an hour of the night.

‘Mexico’ from Cake because we’re never sure what it’s all about.

Brad Lee also told a joke he stole from an englishman over curry and a story – The Sunrise.

Love Illuminati


2 Responses to “Illuminati – actual size but we look much bigger”

  1. So there was a radio show of year’s past with Ross Noble and Terry Psiakis and it is truly the best radio I have ever been lucky enough to listen to. They had a similar egg-smashing-related myth. But I won’t mention it here. It’s a little crude. Instead feel free to listen to the back-catalog of 20 2-hour shows they did together to find the reference. They even mention my bro’ in one ep.

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