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We had a show. Justin wasn’t there. That makes us sad. We had fortune cookies. This made us happy. We had some music. Surprising that. Delta blues – Mississippi’s Big Joe Williams and his nine string guitar What is this thing called love – Hayden Jones There’s lightning in these thunder thighs – Saffire the […]

Well, it was 1994 this week. We played 1994-related songs. And some that weren’t. The Cranberries – Zombie Gospel of the Horns – Cold Endless Seasons of Darkness The Offspring – Self Esteem Weezer – No One Else LORD – Set in Stone Cannibal Corpse – Fucked with a Knife (Live in 2000) Weezer – […]

Salutations to you, visitor. This week marked a milestone for Left, Right and Centre, as we reached our twelfth episode. That’s twice as many as Star Wars. We’re twice as successful as George Lucas. Get the podcast of the show from here. This week, exuberant expressionists Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher chewed on the following […]

Hello Lovely Ladies and Gentle Giants, this week Illuminati fell on Fried Egg the 22nd May, not quite Towel Day, but close enough! It also featured our new co-host Brad formerly know as Brad Lee Story Writer. We talked about moths, knight-errants, bannanas, Mc Hammer (again!) and the Dancing Plague of 1518. First up Brad […]

Hello world! Tonight’s show was full of frog cake references and ya mamma jokes what more could you want from an hour stellar radio focussed on the fabulous music of our great state ‘South Australia’.  I was delighted to be joined with the lovely yet  3/4’s sober Adelaide band ‘Afternoon Rebellion”  for a live interview, […]

How can I follow up on Hugh Jackman and a Eurovision spectacular??? Well, I did my best with an interview with Alex Gow, singer, guitarist and co-songwriter for Melbourne band Oh Mercy! The guys will be in Adelaide this weekend supporting on Little Birdy’s confetti tour, and will be releasing their ‘In The Nude For […]

Greetings to you, earthling. Left, Right and Centre celebrates it’s palindromic eleventh show with a special live Budget edition. Why this week? Because the Budget was this week! Why live? Because we always do the show live! Subscribe to the podcast to hear us give our insights, or download the show directly here. This week, […]