Left, Right and Centre: Introducing the Internet Pollution Reduction Scheme (28/04/09)


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On this weeks show, magnificent munchkins Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher considered:

The internet. Apparently it’s filling up.

It is according to Pete Blasina and the rest of the Sunrise team. The internet has grown so quickly, that we are running out of space to put things, or something to that effect. What does that mean? No more sneezing pandas on Youtube, no more Facebook quizzes, no more Twitter, no more illegal internet file-sharing. It’ll be a catastrophe!  So, Left, Right and Centre is leading the charge on combatting Internet Pollution, so that we can leave the next generation the internet they deserve.

Reduce your internet usage. Before making a contribution to the internet, ask yourself if it is really necessary. Reuse anything and everything on the internet that you can, if it can repurposed. Recycle: if it can’t be reused, delete it once you are done with it. That’ll leave more internet for everyone to use.

Want to know how you can do more to combat Internet Pollution? Follow these simple tips for internet use reduction:

  • Always turn off the internet whenever you leave the room. There’s no need to be wasting internet that nobody will be using anyway! Don’t even leave the internet on standby: it’s still maintaining a connection and using bandwidth.
  • Make sure all your cables are plugged in securely and firmly. Leaky connections are responsible for a large amount of internet wastage.In one week, a leaky connection can waste up to 50 songs, 100 emails, and 10 youtube videos worth of internet. Plus, you’ll notice a boost in your connection just by ensuring there are no wasteful leaks!
  • Only use as much internet as you need. And remember to always cover your router, to prevent evaporation.
  • Always do a full load of internet. This increases efficiency, making sure that minimal internet is lost by ethereal means. If you’re not doing a full load, make sure you use the half-load or economy option.
  • Turning down your internet by only 10 Kbps can cut your internet use by up to 10 per cent, and reduce your bills by up to $40 per year.
  • Never run the internet while you’re brushing your teeth.
  • Get yourself a home internet audit. This will pinpoint inefficiencies in your internet, and enable you to plug any leaks. Contact local agencies for more information on getting an auditor to your residence.

Now we have steps for internet use reduction among householders, and hopefully this will raise the profile of the oncoming crisis.But we can’t stop there. We need meaningful reduction of internet cloggage. That’s why Left, Right and Centre were the first to present and advocate an Internet Pollution Reduction Scheme (IPRS). The proposal is for a cap-and-trade system of internet byte trading, via a permit system. This allows for a financial incentive for business and industry to reduce their internet usage. To find out more, Left, Right and Centre commissioned a Green Paper on the IPRS. Listener Michael has since handed down this paper, the summary document can be downloaded here (pdf).

Now we need your help to raise a groundswell of grassroots community support for the scheme. Write to your local politician, businesses in the area, friends and family to help raise the awareness of the issue, and potential solutions. And we want to know what else you’re doing to help the issue. Leave us a comment on this blog, or email leftrightandcentre@live.com.au with what you’ve done, or your suggestion.

Put the pressure on Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

Put the pressure on Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

Politician Pay

The Remuneration Tribunal responsible for making recommendations on the salaries of Federal Politicians has recommended an increase in the “Electorate Allowance” of $4,700. The government has accepted this, and will enact it. The Electorate Allowance is an allowance given to MPs, to “reimburse them for costs necessarily incurred in providing services to their constituents” i.e. to fund events in the electorate of the MP. This all sounds fair enough, so why the controversy? Because if they don’t spend the full sum of the allowance in a given year, they get to keep the remaining money as part of their taxable income.

This sparked debate. That being, are MPs paid too much, or not enough? How valuable are their skills? Is an increase in pay justified in global-financial-crises-times? Why do the politicians get to keep it if it isn’t spent? Can the Remuneration Tribunal really be called that if it can only make recommendations, which the government will accept if they agree with, and ignore otherwise? And why is remuneration such a hard word to say? A lot of questions without answers. Except for the last one. We think it’s the letters m and n in such close proximity.

Obama’s first 97 days

Left, Right and Centre pre-empted the inevitable discussions on the first 100 days of the Obama presidency, with their own evaluation of the first 97 days. Hopefully not much changes in the following 3 days. So what’s he done? Depending on your point of view:

  • He either increased women’s rights and medical advancements, or killed a lot of babies, by lifting the “gag order” (preventing funding for groups providing abortion counselling), and lifting a ban on embryonic stem cell research
  • He either increased and fortified human rights, or handed the terrorists a win on a silver platter, by ordering the shutdown of Guantanamo Bay detention facilities.
  • He either prevented fiscal irresponsibility, or acted like a dirty dirty communist by capping executive pay for companies receiving money from the Troubled Assets Relief Fund.
  • And some other stuff too.

Rapid Fire News

No Match For Swine Flu

No Match For Swine Flu

Melodic Interludes:

  • It’s All The Same, by Wilderness, not specifying exactly what “it” is.
  • Sunflower, by psychadelic/garage/folk band The Dolly Rocker Movement, from Sydney
  • Charmless Man, a description which could not be used for any of the panellists, by Blur.
  • Manchasm, by Future of the Left, because all we ever wanted was a detonator.
  • My Wife’s Home Town, because Bob Dylan has released a new album. Tim won’t shut up about it.

And we’re done with this mega-post, and the show for another week. Congratulations to everyone that made it to the end. Action item this week: promote the Internet Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Cha Cha!

~ The Left, Right and Centre Posse.


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