Chrissy Breaks it Down on the 7th of May!


G’day people of the World Wide Web!
Aside from the hilarious witty banter shared with fellow student radio presenters Gus and Miles, I also played a whole heap of great aussie and adelaidean music.
Here is the list of tracks in order that got a spin tonight

‘Boy Oh Boy’ – Streamer Bendy

‘Scattered Diamonds’ – Hungry kids of Hungary

‘Shiny New thing’ – Bloods

‘Running on Empty’ – Vaudeville

‘She’s a Dreamer’ – Grand Atlantic

‘Two sides of a door’ – Yeo

‘Carve your name’ – The Grates

‘The Happy Peacock’ – The Scotch of Saint James

‘The Greatest Escape’ – A December Truth

‘Illusionary Lines’ – Hilltop Hoods

‘They make good pets (but i don’t have one)’ – Leigh Star Dust

‘Never bring a knife to a gun fight’ – And Burn

‘I will wait for you’ – Jimmy Marin

Thank you for listening and/ or reading catch you in a fortnight!

Stay classy Adelaide

Chrissy 🙂


One Response to “Chrissy Breaks it Down on the 7th of May!”

  1. Hey yo, cheers heaps for supporting a december truth and giving the track some spinning airtime, hope you dug it. We’re polishing up a brand new EP which will feature the new beefy version of the track, will have to throw it your way.
    take care, rock on
    Liam on the skins

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