Illuminati – like a blanket with sleeves


Hello Hello!

Nice to see you all again, this week Madison and Gemma hosted their penultimate show together, and what fun it was. It featured infuriating and hilarious quotes, glowing puppies, obscure lies and the solution to all your blanket problems.

We had double the Quote Unquote this week as we perused OnDit, Adelaide Uni’s very own student publication and came across a stunner of a line from tory Christopher Pearson. When asked his oppinion on abortion if the mother’s life were a risk he replied “I Wouldn’t judge a husband who prefers to save the life of his wife at the expense of his child” a husband? Obviously the woman would be severly judged, judged and uninvolved in the decision. Our second quote (also from OnDit) came from a man who works in a sex shop, and his oppinion on viagra “It makes you so hard you can literally smash through desks”, possibly the most hilarious and incorrect use of the word literally.

no match for viagra

no match for viagra

Then we looked at Ruppy (ruby puppy, very clever scientists) the world’s first transgenic puppy. She has been genetically modified to produce a fluorescent protein that makes her glow red under ultra-violet light. Why? To prove it was possible, it’s a early step but and exciting one….and she looks awesome.

you don't have to put on your red light.... don't have to put on your red light

This week Gemma (perhaps foolishly) allowed Madison to take control of Factually Spurious which meant, that we looked at ridiculous lies about masturbation – hairy palms, blind, short, impotent, not-pregnant, part unicorn…it was all there.

Finally we looked at the SNUGGIE phenomenon, it’s a blanket with sleeves – essentially a backwards dressing-gown that makes you look like a member of a cult or the sith. Why? because regular blankets are apprentley too restrictive…and not fashionable enough for sporting events. Watch the youtube clip, it’s hilarious.

I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire!

I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire!

We Also Played Songs – Good Songs!
‘Down In Love’ from the Mountain Firework Company because it’s good to be alone sometimes even when you know you should be falling in love.

‘Spooky’ from Dusty Springfield because we’ll smile and hold your hand.

‘Blind Mary’ from Gnarles Barkley because we’r e so much prettier inside.

‘When The Full Moon Shines’ from The Hoodoo Voodoo Dolls because we see you baby as you shiver with fright.

‘Impression’ from Jay Walker and The Pedestrians because they are an excellent local band that you should throw yourselves at.

‘Let Go’ from Frou Frou because it’s all going off without you.

‘Ain’t No Easy Way’ from The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club because (in disagreement with The Mountain Firework Company) it’s easy to fall in love.

‘Old Man’ from Neil Young because we are a lot like you.

‘Procrastination Pony’ from (soon to be new co-host) Brad Lee.

Lots of Love from the ladies who brought you hip x-stitxh and Illuminati.


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