Movie Night – With Lewin And Bryce – Break It Down



So this week was movie night on Breaaaaak It Down! We played songs from movies, about movies, and like cheah. Playlist comin’ here:

Hive – Ultrasonic Sound

Star Ten Hash – Pornography

Deep Throat Soundtrack – Deep Throat

The Damned – Nasty

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Jason Paige (Pokemon) – Pokemon Theme (The original theme, none of that post-RedBlueYellow stuff here.)

Simon and Garfunkel – Sound of Silence

The Lively Ones – Surf Rider

The Turtles – Elenore

Jay Chou – Gloves 2 Ali

Deicide – Dead By Dawn

Machetazo – Fosa Comun

Moby – Extreme Ways

And we’ve got a gig guide for yo’ guys…


Friday 15th May

Imminent Psychosis, Hesitate and Die, (Altars) A Murder of Crows

Crown and Anchor, 10:00pm, Free, 18+


Saturday 16th May

Taunt, This Side Of The Massacre, Hell Or Highwater, Immortal Theat, Deception Bay, Till Death

Northern Sound System, 6:30, $10, All Ages


Sunday May 17th

Trivium (US), Heaven Shall Burn [Ger], Black Tide [US]

HQ, 7:30pm, ~$65, (Not sure if All Ages)


Friday May 22nd

LORD (NSW), Empyrean (QLD), Truth Corroded, Se Bon Ki Ra, Fragmenta

Enigma, 7:30pm, $15, Licensed All Ages


Sunday May 24th

Cradle of Filth (UK), Universum, Naetu (WA) – Thebarton Theatre, $85



September 19th: Against the Grain V (metal festival) ~ $45

September 11th: Cannibal Corpse ~ $65


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  1. 1 ausrt01

    Booo kick Lewin off
    He suxxx bums

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