Illuminati – and the little one said roll over.


Greetings and Farewells this week on Illuminati as Madison said ‘Goodnight’ for the last time on Adelaide’s airwaves. Don’t be overcome by sadness though, because we had a ripper of a show. There was Lithium, The Grates, MC Hammer, Voodoo and YouTube comments.

Without you it's just Illumin

Without you it's just Illumin

Science (each week I become more aware of how truly unimaginative a segment title that is, but alas, we persist for traditions sake) looked at the pros and cons of putting lithium in our drinking water. Studies out of Japan have shown that cities with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water report lower rates of suicide. The dosage ranged from .7 to 59 microgams of lithium per litre, much less than someone suffering from bi-polar would take. Regardless of this fact we both agreed that it seems a little questionable to drug an entire population, especially consdering we don’t really know what the long term side-effects might be.

Quote Unquote followed what is turning into a (perhaps worrying) pattern that is – Gem’s love of mediocre rappers. We looked at MC Hammer, specifically his Twitter. He is amazing, and from what I read very excited about twitter, he updates so regularly ranging from the amazingly inane “Dinner time in NY” to the frankly odd “The idea of America is very much alive…we are in a state of transition…a prerequisite and necessity for growth…fear not” (in case you were unaware Hammer is now a preacher)  to the hilarious, that is, he makes proclamations about days, this Monday just gone was “DJ Appreciation Day” and every Wednesday is “Respect Women Wednesday”, which is lovely and leads us to the actual Quote Unquote: “I respect my woman daily any more than that and it would have to be hourly”. MC Hammer you are my hero.

Could he be any cooler? No.

Could he be any cooler? No.

Factually Spurious looked at Voodoo – essentially the belief that you can be blessed/cursed. We all have a very basic understanding (probably a bastardization of an entire culture) from the multitudes of B-Grade horror films we’ve seen but it turns out there’s a bit of science behind it. Or at least an explanation. The explanation? The Placebo effect. It’s amazing – you should read the article.

Madison also listed everything she’s going to miss about Adelaide; The Malls Balls, The Ex, WOMad, Fringe, The Termite on Goodwood Rd, Sleeping on strangers, Duthy St Bakehouse, The Central Markets, Chilling with fellow Student Radio presenters pre-show, Coopers, The Adelaide Hills and all they offer, Vorn, Pancake Competitions and last but not least a community of people whom she has to hide her wrists from, down her pants, for fear of them being dismembered and sold on e-bay.

There were songs too – Songs that give you a glimpse into our childhood! (now with YouTube Comments in all their poor punctuation/spelling  glory)

‘I Touch Myself’ from The Divinyls (Didn’t she kill a dwarf in a barfight back in ’03? Actually it was a leprechaun)

‘Funky Town’ from Lipps Inc (i used to have fun with a lot of friends back in the days the good days i did not know they were black and i did not care they sing good i love theis song take me back to the days i was a john travolta i had all the girls cuz i was a dancer.)

‘The Things We Do For Love’ from 10CC because Madison loves them.

“Beat It’ from MJ (hahahaha 2pac was 11 years old when this came out and 2pac is a legend along with michael jackson R.I.P 2pac, and by the way when this was out, i was only 7 years old and my mom had the michael jackson sox and i wore them to school one day and i had the magic spell hahahahaha what a classic time, MEMORIES)

‘Eagle Rock’ from Daddy Cool, for Madison’s cool daddy (Help me dear jesus, I’m about to go Wolf Creek on someone’s arse!)

‘Adelaide’ from Ben Folds because Madison will not miss the bogans at the motor race.

‘Man Eater’ from Hall and Oates because it encapulates us as 12 year old girls. (These guys rock but what exactly is a maneater?)

Lots of Love Illuminati


2 Responses to “Illuminati – and the little one said roll over.”

  1. 1 Nick

    awwwwwwwwwwwww, thursday nights just won’t be the same anymore. at least not without masturbation somehow being brought up by madison each week :~)

    ❤ to both

  2. 2 Gem

    Aw shucks, you’re our favourite fan, we feared you’d stopped listening. It appears not. Radio love for you.

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