Illuminati – sassin’ hoopy froods since 1990


Hello Lovely Ladies and Gentle Giants, this week Illuminati fell on Fried Egg the 22nd May, not quite Towel Day, but close enough! It also featured our new co-host Brad formerly know as Brad Lee Story Writer. We talked about moths, knight-errants, bannanas, Mc Hammer (again!) and the Dancing Plague of 1518.

First up Brad introduced his new segment ‘Bringing It Back’ where he looks at something from history he thinks should be revived, this week – Knight Errantry! Knight-Errants essentially wandered the land jousting enemies and wooing damsels and we agreed it’s a tradition that needs reviving, so next time you pass a pavilion do it in the name of a lady (or gentleman, if desired).

The setting for a wedding reception or a tournament in the name of a Lady.

The setting for a wedding reception or a tournament in the name of a Lady? The latter.

Our scientific segment this week looked at a study from Exeter (in the UK) that shows moths are genetically thrifty.  Moths apparently apportion their sperm according to relatedness. That is, on average it was shown that male moths invested 54% less sperm in their sisters than they did in non-related females. Good work moths, keeping the incest up and the inbreeding down! Wendell one of the lead researchers is quoted as saying “we know that producing sperm is tiring so it is prudent for them to tailor their ejaculate to get the largest return for their investment”, perhaps something males of our species should keep in mind. probably not.

It's exhausting!

It's exhausting!

Factually Spurious looked at the French Dancing Plague of 1518, it’s actually factually correct, but seems like it shouldn’t be. The outbreak started when one woman started dancing in the street, withing a week 34 others had joined and after a month reports say there were approximately 400 dancers.  How did the concerned nobles deal with this case of ‘hot blood’? They opened two guildhalls, a grain market and constructed a stage. Why? Because they thought the dancers would only recover with more dancing, they even employed a band to keep them dancing! Most of the dancers died form heart attack/stroke/exhaustion.

Quote Unquote feature MC Hammer again this week as he was asked what exactly is Hammer Time his response on ‘abcdude‘ is worth a watch but his official twitter line is “Hammertime is anytime you are ready to give 100% to handle your business in any situation”.

Stop, Song Time!

‘She’s Not There’ from the Zombies because no one told us how many people cried.

‘Lost In The Supermarket’ from the Clash because Gem collects coupons from packets of tea.

‘Heads you win, Tails I lose’ from The Beach Boys, oh they’re so clever!

‘I Love The Way You Talk’ from Clare Bowditch because we make no sense at all.

‘Taxman’ from The Beatles because we’re unsure about the practicality of taxing someone’s feet.

‘Me & Julio Down By The School Yard’ from Paul Simon because what your mother saw, well it was against the law.

A live recording of ‘Banjo and Violin’ from The Audreys because we’ve gone a little country since we met you, we used to be so rock and roll.

‘Maggies Farm’ from Bobby D because it’s one of your hosts’ favourite songs.

‘Space Oddity’ from Bowie because the stars look very different today.

Lots of Love from Illuminati # 2


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  1. 1 EmpressI

    you guys must really think Jamaicans are stupid. We do not want to have anything to do with the Illuminati in name or otherwise. We know who you are . Leave our children alone.

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