Left, Right and Centre: There Are Still Some Things That Should Be Held Sacred (19/05/09)


Salutations to you, visitor. This week marked a milestone for Left, Right and Centre, as we reached our twelfth episode. That’s twice as many as Star Wars. We’re twice as successful as George Lucas.

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This week, exuberant expressionists Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher chewed on the following fat:

Michelle Obama

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has once again upstaged her husband’s exploits by appearing in a sleeveless dress for her first official White House photo, exposing her ‘toned triceps and biceps’. Just a storm in a teacup? Yes, you along with most people would be saying. No, say some, criticising Mrs. Obama’s look as too informal, and ‘out of season’:

In no way is it silly to question why the First Lady repeatedly exposes so much skin. To those of us over the age of 35, it is inappropriate to do so. There is definitely appropriate attire for a business/professional atmosphere […] is it ok for her husband the President of the US to stop wearing a shirt, tie or suit? Maybe Barack would feel more comfortable in sweat pants or jeans but does that make it right? FYI I am a 40 year old Black woman so there is nothing covertly prejudice (sic) about my comments […] there are still some things that should be held sacred.

Apparently such things are still important, even at that level. It’s a matter of respect.

A little bit too raunchy?

A little bit too raunchy?

The Sri Lankan Civil War

In major international news, the Tamil Tigers (a paramilitary rebel organisation) admitted defeat in the Sri Lankan Civil War, after the Sri Lankan army eliminated the last pockets of Tiger resistance in the north of the island. This is a conflict that was been going for 26 years, and has racked up massive numbers of deaths and displaced persons. The major reason for the war was that of nationalistic sentiment amongst various ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.

The Greening of Fremantle

Being the newsmakers that we are, Left, Right and Centre was able to report on the latest results from the by-election held over the weekend for the Western Australian state seat of Fremantle. Why are we talking about such an obscure election? Because the seat was picked up Australian Greens candidate Adele Carles. This is only the second time that the Greens have won an election in the lower house, both times in by-elections. Perhaps more remarkably, they outpolled the Labor party on first preferences.

So, what does this mean for the Greens eletoral prospects in the future? They might have a shot at retaining the seat at the next general election, because of their strong primary vote, and the fact that the former member never won Fremantle on the primary vote. More generally though, Left, Right and Centre doesn’t know how much can be read into this. The strength of a political party can hardly be judged from a by-election, especially since the Liberal party didn’t even field a candidate. The Greens and their supporters will certainly be buoyed by this result however, and this might mean major parties will take more notice of them.

Rapid Fire News

How could this possibly be regarded as vulgar?

How could this possibly be regarded as vulgar?

Songs, with love:

  • This Modern Love, because Bloc Party are a pretty okay band.
  • Spidermother, by Baterz, by request, and because he’s a pretty okay guy.
  • A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke, because he seems like a reasonable fella.
  • The Hazards of Love, because it has a certain folksy charm, not unlike The Decemberists.

Goodbye until next week.

~ The Left, Right and Centre Collective.


4 Responses to “Left, Right and Centre: There Are Still Some Things That Should Be Held Sacred (19/05/09)”

  1. 1 Not Chris

    Killer rhyme on the jesus in jeans story!

  2. 2 Casey

    Oh wow. That was completely unintentional. Yet amazing.

  3. 3 Iordan

    the podcast isn’t up yet 😦

  4. 4 LG

    It’s probably worth mentioning that in last years election Lindsay Tanner’s seat of Melbourne went 2PP ALP vs Green (by 500 votes) meaning what was a ~70:30% very safe seat has become a 4.71 marginal. Freo continues the message: ignore the Greens at your peril.

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