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Hello munchkins and munchkinettes! This edition turns the last two weeks of Illuminati into words, what fun! Over the past two weeks Brad and Gem have looked at literal interpretations, outdated views, clever lady ducks, Buzz Aldrin – Hip Hop star, Long Johns, Beards, Solitaire, graying hair, our imminent doom and more outdated views. Quote […]

(Alternate title: bluemonkeyjazz, jenny edition) So…..intelligent listeners (which would be all of you, of course) would have noticed that we stopped broadcasting about ten minutes into the show. We noticed about fifteen minutes into the show. Turns out there was work being done on the tower and nobody told us. Sorry about that, totally not […]

hey folks, I dedicate tonight’s playlist and, in fact, the whole show to all those out there studying hard this week. Only too well do I know the symptoms of stress and perils of procrastination that, no doubt, the wider student community of Adelaide is currently experiencing. So good night and good luck! Mary x […]

So…..It’s a bit late. Blame ash (Yes, ash is the one writing this but he’s going to speak in the third person, deal with it) (He also doesn’t care that much about his grammar) Blame the alcohol and his birthday. We had two shows since the last blog. So in no particular order, here’s what […]

Hello, devoted users of the Left, Right and Centre Gateway blog. Download the podcast of this week’s show from here. On the program this week, Chris was forced to present the show himself in the absence of Casey, Mateo, and Tim, and did not struggle to recreate the particularly cheeky glint-in-the-eye that he (Chris) normally brings to the […]

Greetings, listeners and potential listeners! Download the podcast of the show from here. This week, camp cacklers Tim, Mateo, and Casey suffered from the lack of Chris, struggling to but eventually succeeding at recreating the particularly cheeky glint-in-the-eye he normally brings to the program. Chrisless day was a sad day indeed. That said, the still valiant, able, […]

So tonight, I’m gonna hand over the blog reigns to Bryce since my blogs are weird and non-sensical. Hahaha, jks. So tonight we rolled with the continuous nature of the show again and it went awesomely, slightly less smoothly then last time, perhaps… we had fun 😀 So yeah, enjoy the tracklist and gig guide! […]