Blue monkey jazz! The june 4 spectacular!


Justin is back! He has fully recovered from the complete bonectomy and was a hilarious amorphous blob with a microphone. Just how we like him. Glowing monkeys were discussed, as were proper places to put syringes, the tragedy of a coke-addict wile. e. coyote with a metre long acme syringe, car thieves wearing g-strings and….I can’t remember. You should have been listening!

The music:

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
  • Ricky May – Boogie Blues
  • Darren Jack – One Morning
  • Ian Cooper – Brazil
  • Steve Tallis – Monkey Skulls and Thunderstone
  • Redliners – Perpetual Train
  • Mistaken Identity – Smiles

What will happen next week? Will Adam continue our pattern and be sick? Will Justin think of more things to do with condoms in the studio? Will Ash finally realise his dream of doing the show in a monkey suit? Will anyone listen? Only time will tell.



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