Break it Down with Chrissy June 4th


Hello world wide web users!

Tonights show was another Australian music romp around a mirad of genres, along with a chat to Adelaide band Mayqueen. Unfortunately, we didnt get to play any of their tracks but please do check out their live stuff at and listen into following shows and i’ll be sure to play some of their tracks. However here are the tracks I did get to play ;

‘Getting Wise’ – Yves Klein Blue

‘Are you waiting’ – Rose of York

‘Future Africa’ – Public Opinion Afro Orchestra

‘Saphires’ – Streetlight

‘The last one’ – A devil amongst the tailors

‘Little Bird’ – Shoe

‘Picture Show’ – Drawn from bees

‘My world’ – Boom Bap Pow

‘Cloaked Guerilla’ – Pataphysics

‘Lovers and Fighters’ – Passport for Army

‘Too safe’ – Swiss

‘Twelve songs in blue’ – Craig james

Thanks for listening and if you’ve got any friends in unsigned bands that would like to come on get them to contact me at

Peace 🙂


One Response to “Break it Down with Chrissy June 4th”

  1. 1 James

    Great to see some radio’s picking up local talent… nice tracks… nice one

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