Illuminati – foreign since birth.


Hello Friends and … others,

We bet you missed us last week, but it’s okay now, we’ve returned to the blogosphere. This Friday the 5th Brad and Gem tackled Codpieces, Queen Elizabeth, Foreign Accent Syndrome, awkward social interactions, dangerous dogs and Tea.

Bringing It Back saw Bradley take a look at Codpieces. Codpieces, humanity’s own baboon bottoms have an interesting history. Back in The Day men wore stockings and a long jackets AKA doublets – but no underwear. Though this was not an issue while the doublet maintained a modest length, Fashion, that saucy mistress wouldn’t have one bar of it, and decreed that mans hem line would rise. This created an obvious and embarrassing problem, the solution? The hero of this story – The Codpiece. Not satisfied with mere functionality the pocket rocket pocket soon became a status symbol, and as such was stuffed to suggest supreme endowment. It quickly became quite the popular trend, so much so that when Fickle Ol’ Fashion suggested the doublet drop it’s hemline, Man cut a hole in their doublet-crotch so as to continue to display his new friend.

Legend has it that King Edward III of England was also a big fan and had his own codpiece enlarged and bejeweled as he was under the impression there was a direct correlation with military prowess, according to the legend he was correct as his Knights (after enlarging their own fabric crotch’s to hummer proportions) ‘literally’ scared those cheese eating surrender monkeys to death in the Hundred Years War. It’s a fact.

Man, his best friend, and a dog.
Man, his best friend, and a dog.

Then we took a look at Foreign Accent Syndrome in Slightly Scientific (yes! we’ve improved our segment title, and it’s accurate!) FAS is a bit of a medical mystery, and though puzzling we are unsure if it is a real issue. Why? Because people with FAS just sound a bit foreign, sometimes from birth, sometimes after brain trauma. Those individuals with something to say can’t agree on its cause but the most recent studies suggest genetics. You do have to giggle at the suggestion that someone has sounded foreign since birth though.

Also as a side note, we’ve got more guns! Just what the doctor ordered? Obviously not.

Quote Unquote gave loyal (or irregular) listeners a glimpse into Gem’s mornings now she prepares breakfast for a group of Iraqi men and women. The quote comes from one gentleman who, out of the blue, shared a little ‘gem’ of information ‘In Iraq we have a saying, a Kitchen without a Knife is like a Life without a Wife’ at which point he chuckled to himself and walked out of the room.

We looked at Breast Cancer myths in Factually Spurious because Brad is an expert. It’s been suggested that Dogs cause Breast Cancer, those Conniving K9’s!

Playlist Time!

Big Hair Revolution from The Exploders, I bet they don’t wash their hair when they menstruate.

Call Me from Pinky Beecroft and The White Russians, tune in next week for the original.

Transmission from Joy Division, dance dance dance dance to the radio!

This Charming Man from The Smiths, because we haven’t got a stitch to wear.

Monochrome from Dominique A and Yann Tiersen, because Brad couldn’t stop singing it.

Nothing from the Cat Empire, ’cause if you stop then you burn then your feet get scars.

Turn the Lamps Down Low from Little Esther, the solution to any queery.

Mimizan from Beirut, because Gem loves it.

Brad’s short story ‘Tea’.

Lot’s of Love from Illuminati.


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