Break It Down – Lewin And Bryce – CONTINUOUS MUSIC ORGASM, 09/06/2009


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Not much? Well stuff happened on air! We played near as we could to 60  minutes of music. Somewhere around 58 minutes worth, due to ads. In doing so, we have played more songs in a single show then ANY OTHER BREAK IT DOWN! So get your music hit here – more concentrated and twice as likely to put you in hospital. But at least your mother would approve!

So yeah. If you like the new format, let us know and we’ll keep it up! Similarly, if you hate it, bake us a cake with your vicious words of malice.

Playlist and gig guide! 😀 And more cute words.

bunnyhug – Napalm Girl
Truth Corroded – 100 Days
Ratatat – Loud Pipes
No Doubt – Just A Girl
Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know
Therion – Opus Eclipse
The Day Everything Became Nothing – Cut
Skintilla – Iz
Trash80 – Sodium Sonet
Little Birdy – Come On Little Heartbreaker
The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen in Love
Mogwai – Batcat
Arch Enemy – Carry The Cross
Children Collide – Brave Robot
Cock and Ball Torture – Another Arch Abraded
Chimaira – Worthless
Suffocation – Synthetically Revived
Dan Wentz – Empire

Gig guide:
Saturday June 13th (Metal at Magill)
Vernichten, Pitchfork, A Murder of Crows, Blunt Havok, Hybrid Illusion, Blood Covered Shovel
Magill Club (Uren St., Magill), 6:30, $10, A/A, meals available

Saturday June 19th
Octanic, Helm (QLD), ISAW, This Side of the Massacre
Enigma Bar, 7:00, $10, A/A

Saturday June 20th
Thy Art Is Murder, Orphans, This Side Of The Massacre, Lake Nyos, A Dead Silence
The Underground (Waymouth St), 7:00, $12, A/A

Saturday June 20th
Double Dragon, Truth Corroded, A Red Dawn (comeback show), Closed Casket, Far West Battlefront, Arcadia
Live on Light Square, 6:00, A/A

Friday June 26th
Frankenbok (Vic), Octanic, Taunt, Satoria
Enigma Bar, 8:30, $12, 18+

Friday June 26th
Wish for Wings (QLD), Never See Tomorrow (QLD), Buried in Verona (QLD), At Fates Mercy
The Underground, 7:00, $10, A/A

Saturday June 27th
Skintilla (King Of Kings album launch), Generation Swine, Splyne, Fragmenta, Hybrid Illusion
Live on Light Square (63 Light Square, City next to the Colonel Light hotel Car Park), $12, 7:00 A/A

Saturday June 27th
Immortal Threat, Till Death, Beneath Dying Skies (Mt Gambier), Neck Deep (Mt Gambier), My Last Breath
The Underground, $10, 7:00, A/A

July 11th: Splattergasm @ the Underground
September 11th: Cannibal Corpse
September 19th: Against the Grain V (metal festival)
November 3rd: Arch Enemy (Sweden) and Suffocation (US)

So yeah, that was the show! For more epic-music-more-concentrated-then-that-packet-of-gravy-powder-you-shouldn’t-have-eaten, catch us in a fortnight! Bai!

Lewin, and Bryce is standing next to me 🙂


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