Left, Right and Centre: Wolfram|Alpha is Watching (09/06/09)


Internet! Hello again! We thought you’d gone away, but now you’re back! Jolly good.

This week, wondrous wafflers Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher spent too long talking about Tim’s pants, and then gave their dutiful consideration to:



How very very sinister.

How very very sinister.


It’s this website that purports to be a universal computation engine. That’s it’s claim anyway. Casey doesn’t believe it for a second (the others do, but they’re gullible). Wolfram|Alpha is going to become a setient creature, and take over the world. Mark these words. Don’t believe it? Well then, how do you explain the fact that our broadcast was cut, and replaced with white noise moments before I revealed this secret to the world?! It hacked into our  broadcast signal! If that’s not sinister, I don’t know what is. Lock up your daughters.

European Elections

What’s that? You don’t understand European Parliament? Neither do we. But that doesn’t stop them having one, and this Europeans all across Europe went to the polls, to elect 736 representatives. Left, Right and Centre was able to report live from the tally room at the Radio Adelaide studios (we had a whiteboard and everything. no textas though) that centre-right parties were the big winners in the election. Far right and anti-immigration parties also made gains in the election, including, in the UK, one seat for that all-inclusive bunch, the British National Party. Also interesting: The Pirate Party from Sweden, advocating changes in internet regulation (and no doubt regulation on the high seas), won a seat in the EU parliament.

Steve Fielding

So it turns out that solar flares could be linked to rising temperatures, and not increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That’s what Senator Steve Fielding says, and upon his return from a climate change skeptics conference in Washington, USA, that’s what he’ll be telling Minister for Climate Change Senator Penny Wong. He has charts and everything. Why did he go to this conference (on his own dime)? So he can make an ‘informed vote’ on the Government’s CPRS. He wants to speak to government scientists too. So, should politicians be playing scientist, and trying to make up their own mind, or should they accept the consensus opinion of the scientific community, and develop policy with that knowledge? Evidently Steve Fielding thinks the former. He was an engineer after, it’s in his nature.

Bob Brown

Money troubles. Senator Bob Brown is in danger of being expelled from the Senate, due to possible bankruptcy proceedings. He has to pay the legal costs of Forestry Tasmania, after a court overturned a previous decision in Brown’s favour on appeal about logging in Tasmanian forests. So does Kevin Rudd need to start thinking about a farewell present for the Leader of the Australian Greens? No. Bob Brown has been inundated with donations and support, with Dick Smith pledging to cover all costs if necessary. That’s good and all, but we think that more useful to him is the cake that was donated as a raffle prize.

Rapid Fire News:


Proper food: Next stop, Army.

Proper food: Next stop, Army.


As usual, we played a selection of songs:

  • Wrote It All Down In My Diary, by local band We Grow Up
  • Waltz #2, by songsmith Elliot Smith
  • No Pussy Blues, that old chestnut by Grinderman.

Fin! Hopefully Wolfram|Alpha won’t have succeeded in it’s evil plot to “dispose” of us, and we’ll be back next week.

~ The Left, Right and Centre Dudes.


One Response to “Left, Right and Centre: Wolfram|Alpha is Watching (09/06/09)”

  1. 1 Gem

    LRC and Illuminati are all about playing the same songs. I like it.

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