Left, Right and Centre: Gate-a-thon (23/06/09)


Hello, devoted users of the Left, Right and Centre Gateway blog. Download the podcast of this week’s show from here.

On the program this week, Chris was forced to present the show himself in the absence of Casey, Mateo, and Tim, and did not struggle to recreate the particularly cheeky glint-in-the-eye that he (Chris) normally brings to the program. Getting much better at monologues across the course of the night, Chris considered:

The dress sense of politicans

Kevin Rudd should stop mimicking Tintin and 50 Cent, Tony Abbott needs to wear more religious iconography if he really wants to offend French President Nicholas “Sarko” Sarkozy, and Sarah Hanson-Young should stick to carrying a puppy around as a fashion accessory if she is so set on following in Paris Hilton’s footsteps.

The history of the polka dot in modern fashion

The polka dot has, since 1823 and the invention of the first photocopier (which, incidentally, was peddle-powered), come to dominate the modern fashion landscape. Listeners were no doubt thankful that Chris was cut off near the start of his lecture, when surprise guests Casey and Tim burst into the studio. A discussion of ‘Umbrellagate’ ensued.

Noel Steve Fielding

Is this man an evil genius, or just evil?

Is this man an evil genius, or just evil?

Noel Fielding button aside, the question must be asked: is Steve Fielding attending parliament despite the reported chance of his having contracted swine flu a deliberate, cunning plot to infect his enemies, or is it just because he’s dumb? The LRC team thinks, probably the latter.


Upon close inspection, still going down the shitter.

Utegate / OzCar

Speaking of things going down the shitter, how about Malcolm Turnbull’s political career? Whether it is questionable whether the OzCar ‘debacle’ merits being called a “gate” (and it certainly doesn’t compared to custardgate, umbrellagate et al), what is not questionable is that any momentum Malcolm Turnbull had following Peter Costello’s decision not to stand at the next election has now been well and truly pissed away. Indeed, following up on a story broke on last week’s blog entry, Malcolm Turnbull’s office is believed to have several hundred bottles of champagne, and nothing to celebrate.

Rapid Fire News:

Chicken-therapist tries radical new technique

Chicken-therapist tries radical new technique

Interestingly, the first three RFN stories this week started with M. Oblique, pointless conspiracy, anyone?

Delicious, delicious music sampled this week:

  • Spoon with Fitted Shirt, because there’s nothing Chris likes more than a fitted shirt. Except himself.
  • Queens of the Stone Age with Feel Good Hit of Summer, because if I had Tim’s exam schedule, I’d need cheering up, too.
  • Future of the Left with The Hope That House Built, because here at LRC we think more about where the left is going than the right or the centre.
  • Idlewild with Live In A Hiding Place because, sometimes, the world makes Casey want to hide, and stay alive while doing it.
  • Red Riders with You’ve Gotta A Lot Of Nerve (not a typo), because we needed an Australian track.

Again, the enthralling Left, Right and Centre blog is over for another week. But don’t worry, it’s only a week until next week.

– The Left, Right, and Centre Team-m-m.


2 Responses to “Left, Right and Centre: Gate-a-thon (23/06/09)”

  1. 1 Syl

    I approve of the comment box that says (in huge letters): ‘type here’.

    Also, I didn’t have much(read as anything) to comment, I just wanted to set a precedent for me commenting on your blog.

    I do like these blogs though, especially as I don’t actually listen to the show. This way I can sort of pretend I’m a good friend.

  2. 2 ausrt01

    God, Syl, thanks for being very approving of the way wordpress have set up their comment system but not of the show. Way to be “a good friend.”

    Glad to hear you like the blog, though, I must say I really like the picture of the chicken eating the baby (which is why I put it in, durrr).

    You should podcast the show, though. Go on, do it.


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