Left, Right and Centre: More Convoluted Than The Iranian Constitution (16/06/09)


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This week, camp cacklers Tim, Mateo, and Casey suffered from the lack of Chris, struggling to but eventually succeeding at recreating the particularly cheeky glint-in-the-eye he normally brings to the program. Chrisless day was a sad day indeed. That said, the still valiant, able, and thoroughly handsome team tackled:

The Iranian system of government

Succeeding  at confusing the audience, if not themselves. As I understand it, the Emperor is appointed by the Galactic Senate, which is elected by the people, but the members of the Galactic Senate must be approved by the Guardian Council, whose members are chosen by the Emperor. Actually, I think that might be Iran crossed with Star Wars. You know what? You should probably just read this ‘helpful’ flowchart, prepared by teamster Tim, instead.

The 2009 Iranian elections

'Gone down the shitter'?

'Going down the shitter'?

Concluding that yes, Iran really is going down the shitter. Look out North Korea, Zimbabwe? Well, no.

Peter Costello’s exit from federal politics

Noting that, following former Treasurer and long-term would-be Prime Minister Peter Costello’s decision not to seek preselection at the next federal election, tributes haven’t been the only thing flowing.  Canberra bottleshops have reportedly had a run on champagne lately, and, similarly, public servants observed loud popping-noises coming from the general vicinity of Malcom Turnbull’s office.

Rapid Fire News:

An easy mistake to make...

An easy mistake to make...

As always, songs were played, but I can’t figure out what they are.

Well, that’s it! There isn’t any more! Hopefully next week’s blog this week’s blog is up sooner than this week’s last week’s.

– The Left, Right, and Centre T-T-Team.


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