bluemonkeyjazz internet edition (OR, how i learnt to stop transmitting and love the blog)


(Alternate title: bluemonkeyjazz, jenny edition)

So…..intelligent listeners (which would be all of you, of course) would have noticed that we stopped broadcasting about ten minutes into the show. We noticed about fifteen minutes into the show. Turns out there was work being done on the tower and nobody told us. Sorry about that, totally not our fault though. We did still go out on the internet though, so for the one confirmed listener – Hi jenny! If anybody else was listening, let us know!

Justin was away again, so we had Moffatt filling in again. Thanks Moffatt!

We had some music:

  • It’s only a paper moon – swingin’ upstairs
  • Box car special – Chris Mawer band
  • Theme from the blob – Hip Mo’ Toast
  • Rain is a bringdown – Chris Mawer band
  • Bourbon street parade – Leroy Jones
  • Hava Nagila – Leonie Cohen Plus
  • Guidando – D’abruzzo

3 Responses to “bluemonkeyjazz internet edition (OR, how i learnt to stop transmitting and love the blog)”

  1. 1 Lewin

    Really wish they’d stop doing transmitter maintenance WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Happened to LRC a fortnight ago.

  2. 2 Gem

    Brilliant title.

  3. 3 Not Chris

    I, not chris of left, right and centre, can confirm Lewin’s comments regarding similar experiences on the part of chris, casey, mateo, and tim of left, right and centre a few weeks ago.

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