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hey kids, back from Sydney to hit the books and the airwaves on Break It Down! Tonight on the show, I had a chat to Pat McLaughlin, frontman of Perth band Sugar Army on the eve of the release of the band’s latest album, The Parallels Amongst Ourselves. Come back next week for more of the […]

Greetings blogreaderlings! This weeks show saw Moffatt joining Adam and Ash in the studio again, and special guest Ally making her first appearance on the show. We were rejoined by the screaming puppet monkey – who can be seen here – for those of you who are interested. Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock Mack […]

Welcome world, Tonight was a music filled show, and as such this blog is highly playlist orientated. One might say entirely devoted to the playlist. So lets get to it shall we? Yes. The all aussie spun mix is as follows my dear onlookers; ‘A Russian Collective’ – The Dawn Collective ‘The Barber’s Son’ – […]

Hello Listeners and Readers! If you didn’t listen last week shame on you because Illumaniti welcomed Brad back. Your punishment for this blatant defiance? We’re only going to give you the playlist, you’ll have to fill all the fun bits in yourself. Don’t feel too bad though, since it has taken the better part of […]

Greetings comrades! It’s been 21 long weeks, and boy have we come a long way. We celebrated by discussing sensitive, adults only topics, such as Casey’s thighs. We also played Australian pastime, Cliffhanger. Chris had a convincing win, after Mateo fell off the mountain on his first turn, making Chris the carry-over champion of gameshow […]

So we filled in a slot; hope you liked it! Check our own show out next up on August 4th! Tired and distracted so don’t have muuuuuch to say. 😛 Read the other Lewin & Bryce blogs for more lulz and a look at what we usually play. Playlist: Black Market Baby – Youth Crime […]

So we played heavy stuff since we’re gonna do a fairly light (comparitively, no extreeeeeeme metals really) tomorrow when we fill in for Wednesday’s Break It Down. PLAYLIST Cannibal Corpse – Hatchet to the Head Silverstein – Knew I Couldn’t Trust You Sonic Euphoria – Thus it Begins Locura – Phineus Cage Bullet for a […]