Illuminati – Jamaican you crazy weekly at midnight


Hello Boys and Girls!

Illuminati this week featured Livi (aka Madison #3 or Brad #2) and we talked about Jim Morrison because it was the anniversary of his death, this gave Gem an excuse to play more than one song from The Doors in an episode, so that was nice.

Olivia brought not only herself but a new segment entitled Cheesy Pickup Lines. It featured stunners like “Are you from Jamaica? Because ja make a me crazy” and “Was your father a baker, ’cause you’ve got nice buns”. Livi was unusually ammused by them, Gem giggled. get the idea. get the idea.

In Factually Spurious we talked about Jim Morrison’s ‘death’ and the signs of foul play surrounding it-

  • There was never an autopsy
  • The doctor who signed the death certificate was never seen again
  • Jim is reported to have visited the cemetery only days before to choose his grave site

…and the kicker

  • John Densmore is reported to have said the grave looked ‘too short’ for Jim

So what’s Jim doing these days? Our favourite suggestion was that he was picked up by Stephen King hitchhiking in South America somewhere.

In Slightly Scientific we talked about a joystick for your wheelchair on your tongue. Watch this video, it explains everything.

Quote Unquote came from the story surrounding the Today shows’ misinformed report that Jeff Goldblum, of Jurassic Park fame, was dead.  He is not, as is explained here. The quote comes from his euology to himself – “one former conquest raved that sleeping with Jeff Goldblum was like being caught in a flesh storm with a 90% chance of satisfaction”.

It's like a flesh storm

It's like a flesh storm

Partial Playlist Time!

People Are Strange and You Make Me Real from The Doors, in honor of Jim.

Personal from Stars, because it wasn’t meant to be.

Cornflake Girl from Tori Amos, don’t hang with the raisin girls.

Vernoona from Augie March, because the season’s dying.

Lots of Love, Illuminati.


One Response to “Illuminati – Jamaican you crazy weekly at midnight”

  1. 1 EmpressI

    Whomever is using this name “illuminati” must not know that they’re about to be destroyed. You better do some research and stay sane before you’re indeed inducted in the hall of the crazy for life. Do your research Jamaica, nothing that says Illuminati is good. Its all evil trying to control what you do – especially our young people. Do not sell your soul.

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