Lewin & Bryce – Break it Down – 7th July


So we didn’t roll it continuous, cause frankly, we like to keep it fresh, keep people on their toes, like the wind in the spring, we’re always unexpected.

Linkin Park – New Divide
Silverstein – Vices
The Peaves – Black Crows and Butterflies
Jesus Anal Penetration – I Spit On Your Grave
Rise Against – Rumors of My Demise (Have Been Greatly Exaggerated)
No Doubt – Sunday Morning
Little Birdy – Bodies
Robyn – Be Mine
Splattergasm – Coathanger Abortion
At The Gates – Kingdom Gone
The Beards – Shaved Off His Beard
The Beatles – All My Loving
Outkast – Ms. Jackson

So liek, here’s the gig guide too:

Friday July 10th
Hospital the Musical [NSW[, This City Sunrise [NZ/Vic], Robotosaurus, Marla Singer
Enigma Bar, $12, 7:00 pm, Licensed All Ages

Saturday July 11th
Forget All This, Fragmenta, A Murder of Crows, Christened in Ashes, Splattergasm
The Underground (40 Waymouth st), $10, 7:00 pm, Licensed All Ages

Friday July 17th
Hesitate and Die, The Seduction Code, Dogs with Bees in their Mouths, At Fates Mercy, Texas Embrace Them
The Underground, $10, 7:00 pm, All Ages

Friday July 17th
This Side of the Massacre, Orphans of the Sky, The Ophidian Ascension, F.I.T.H.
Enigma Bar, 8:00 pm, 18+

Saturday July 18th
Infiltraitor, Nazarite Vow, Addison, My Catalyst
Fowler’s Live, Licensed All Ages

July 31st: Cry Murder @ Enigma
August 4th to 6th: National Campus Band Competition
August 15th: Live Hard and Heavy II (metal festival)
September 11th: Cannibal Corpse
September 12th: Aural Fist (Metal, Noise, Ambient, Experimental)
September 17th: Children Collide
September 19th: Against the Grain V (metal festival)
November 3rd: Arch Enemy (Sweden) and Suffocation (US)

So chuckin’ in my usual annoying sign off – um… goodbye? We’ll be back in a fortnight and we’re also filling in the night after that on the 22nd of July so maybe you wanna listen then too. Bai!



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