bluemonkeyjazz – the second not &*%^@#$ broadcasting edition


So….tower maintenance. Six minutes into our show. We did have warning this time though, of about 15 minutes (Thanks Mary!) The show must go on though, albeit with more swearing than we’d originally planned. Highlights of the show included Justin being back on air,and the gatecrashing of the show by Dom and Lavinia (Lavinia…that MIC ON light means you probably shouldn’t walk into the studio) This time we know there were at least four people listening. That’s a huge increase from the one person we had last time we were only going out on the internet. Anyway, music:

  • Israel – Miles Davis
  • Gouge away – The pixies
  • Good Liquor – Guy Davis
  • Honey dew melon rag – Guy Davis
  • Dissin’ Me – Dean Haitani
  • Armies against me – Epicure
  • Never tear us apart – Joe Cocker
  • Let’s get killed – The immortal lee county killers
  • Chameleon – Herbie Hancock
  • The future of jazz – Nightmares on wax

What will hapen next week? Giant nuclear powered robot monkey attacks? Epileptic seizures on air? A thoroughly professional and well thought out show? Only time will tell. Tune in next week to find out.


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