Break it down with Chrissy, July 9th


Allo World,

Tonights show was marked by a visit by Truce Perkins and the Colonel, whom did the darndest at avoiding any questions related to music, but did spontaneously play some wind instruments and endeavour to make their on brand of happy Thursday radio. But it was all good and luckily the music speaks for themselves and I got too play two tracks of their EP, Everything looks better in a circle. They will be playing toomorrow night at the Ed Castle on Friday July 1oth.

The playlist from is as follows;

 Into the Ocean – Where’s Jerome

 Right on Track – The valiants

 D.I.L – Voltaire Twins

Hands on the Fire – New white Sneakers

No Money – The scare

My song 3 – Truce perkins and the Colonel

R. Evoloution #3 – Truce Perkins and the Colonel

Why- Olivers army

 Commercial Radio (featuring urthboy) – The last kinection

 Here within ourselves. Ourselves – Oh ye Denver Birds 

 He’s a Tree – Magraret Helen King

Cash.Sex.Cool –  Melodics

Long live the muso- Two dollar pistols

Make some Dreams – The Buzzbees

Peace out, and keep listening



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