Illuminati – every little swallow, every chick-a-dee


Greetings gremlins and ……gremlinettes?

Brad was still on holidays this week so Gem was joined by the radiant Genevieve and they talked about magicians, bomb shelters, mole people, brain music, confident scientists and phobias!

Just in case any local budding Magicians were unaware we thought we should let you know that Adelaide’s branch of the Australian Society of Magicians meets once a month in a bomb shelter on South Road. Is it because they don’t want non-magicians to steal their magical secrets? We think so! Genevieve also proposed that though Magic is impressive it is not sexy, more ‘wow’ than ‘woo’.

Continuing the Bomb Shelter theme we looked at Duck and Cover a surprisingly catchy if misleading short film from the 50’s that tells you what to do if an Atomic Bomb is dropped by those nasty enemies. You should look at the clip because it does suggest you’ll be ok if you, like Bert the turtle, just ‘duck and cover’.

If only we had a shell!

If only we had a shell!

For Factually Spurious we looked at the urban legend of Mole People which essentially suggests there is an entire society of homeless people who live in the sewers underneath major cities, stealing electricity and staying warm. Think the mutants in Futurama, but not disfigured. Jennifer Toth is a lady who has perpetrated this myth, most notably in her “real life account'” ‘The Mole People: Life In The Tunnels Beneath New York City’ where she tells of some time she spent living with the mole people under, you guessed it, New York. Some have disregarded this novel, not because it supposes an entire society of people, separated by a layer of concrete, who have managed to evade our sight, but because the geographical descriptions she gives don’t match up. She was allegedly forced to flee NY after she witnessed a mole person kill a crack addict.

It's unfair to suggest homeless people look like this.

It's unfair to suggest homeless people look like this.

Quote Unquote came from Alun Anderson in 2003 (when he was editor in chief of New Scientist). “My Policy was if you’re talking to someone else the approach is ‘what’s happening in science is the most interesting thing in the world and if you don’t agree with me just f**k off, because I’m not interested in talking to you'”.

"If you're not interested I don't want to explain it to you, you're just a f**king idiot"

"If you're not interested I don't want to explain it to you, you're just a f**king idiot"

DJ Gen Played

Stagger Lee from Lloyd Price.

Please Please Please from James Brown.

Underground from Ben Folds (Technically DJ Gem).

Quin The Eskimo from Bob Dylan.

You Can’t Lose What You Never Had from Muddy Waters.

Son of a Preacher Man from Dusty Springfield.

Rockin’ Robbins from Bobby Day.


Purple Black and Blue from Jay Walker and The Pedestrians because they’re playing this weekend. Friday at Rocket at 9:30 and Saturday at The Jade Monkey.

Love Illuminati, and next week Brad’s back!


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