Break it down with Chrissy July 23rd


Welcome world,

Tonight was a music filled show, and as such this blog is highly playlist orientated. One might say entirely devoted to the playlist. So lets get to it shall we? Yes.

The all aussie spun mix is as follows my dear onlookers;

‘A Russian Collective’ – The Dawn Collective

‘The Barber’s Son’ – Jack Ladder

‘White Rose Parade’ – Lady of the Sunshine

‘Orange Lights’ – Sam J nicholson

‘The Grining & Bearing it’ – The Adult Bookstore

‘Chainsaw’ – Daniel Merriweather

‘History’s End’ – Hoodlums Shout

‘The Mess up’ – DZ

‘Ordinary’ – Red Riders

‘Wide Awake and Smiling’ – Ellington

‘Acute’ – Sugar Army

‘You and Steve Mcqueen’ – The Audreys

‘Eden with my Eve’ – Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea


Thanks for listening  and/or reading,

Peace out



One Response to “Break it down with Chrissy July 23rd”

  1. Hey Chrissie,

    Caught the last few minutes of your show on Thurs night as I was driving from Hungry Jack’s car park to the Exeter so we could pack up our gear.

    It would be cool to come onto your show sometime.

    Talk soon.


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