Left, Right and Centre: The 21st Birthday Adults Only Edition


Greetings comrades! It’s been 21 long weeks, and boy have we come a long way. We celebrated by discussing sensitive, adults only topics, such as Casey’s thighs. We also played Australian pastime, Cliffhanger. Chris had a convincing win, after Mateo fell off the mountain on his first turn, making Chris the carry-over champion of gameshow for the second week running.

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This week, lascivious leeches Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher talked dirty:

Environmentally Friendly Prostitution A German brothel is offering a discount to visitors who arrive at the establishment on bicycle, or prove that they took public transport. You can now get a 5-euro discount off the usual 70-euro per 45 minute fee. The discount has been a raging success, bringing in 3-5 new customers per day. The owner also claims that the offer is having significant environmental benefits for the local area.

Parents banned from school sports day Why? Because allowing spectators to the sports day would make it impossible to prevent “unsavoury” characters from attending. Unsurprisingly, parents have condemned the ban. Left, Right and Centre thinks there must be a better solution, that satisfies both parties. Give any prospective spectators a police check? Restrain the parents behind some sort of barricade? Handcuff and blindfold any spectators, to prevent groping and leering? There must be something. Any other suggestions, post them in the comments.

It’s Getting Hot In Herre. Where exactly is ‘herre’ you ask? Planet Earth, that’s herre. The Global Warming debate rages on, with no signs of cooling in sight. What is it this time? Hillary Clinton wants uniform emissions caps across countries, whereas India disagrees, arguing that it is unfair for them to be held to high environmental standards while developed countries were able to pollute recklessly to grow faster. They have a point, but is it worth the risk of the earth boiling, in the interest of fairness? Perhaps there is some other way to make it up to the developing countries. Throw them a surprise party?

Rapid Fire News:

Hit me with your rhythm stick!

  • Going to the Casino, by Philadelphia Grand Jury, in celebration of our coming of age episode.
  • Prophets, by A. C. Newman, because that’s what we are.
  • Sea Within A Sea, by The Horrors, the longest song we’ve ever played.
  • Hang You From The Heavens, by The Dead Weather, to finish the show.

That’s about it you guys, don’t forget all the other wonderful student radio programmes, and tune back in to us next week!

~ The Left, Right and Centre flotilla


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