Break-it-Down, Tuesday 4th of August, 2009 – Bryce and Lewi… uh, Casey


Hey everyone, you don’t hear from me too often, but it’s your other host, Bryce – Lewin’s down with the sickness at the moment so Casey (of Left, Right and Centre fame) filled in, with guest appearance by Chris (of Left, Right and Centre fame). Bit of a heavier playlist than usual, I took my chance.

Crass – Systematic Death (with Eve Libertine singing)
Miss Golly Gosh – Tittens
Rage Against the Machine – Bombtrack
Officer Down – Evolve
Cannibal Corpse – Evisceration Plague
The Day Everything Became Nothing – Track 8
Head Hits Concrete – Disgrace Land
Defamer – Of the Chasm
Universum – Leto Destinatus
Suffer – Climb the Social Scale
KMFDM – Ultra
The Red Shore – The Garden of Impurity
Girl vs Ghost – Twisted Like Cities

Aaaand… the gig guide:
National Campus Band Competition
At the Uni Bar, Adelaide University, 6:30 pm, FREE
Last Night:
Afternoon Rebellion, Gemin Downs, Like Kites, Mens Sana, The Closure
Wednesday, August 5th
Alphen, Hooked on Monkey Phonics, Jimmy & the Mirrors, The British Robots, The Waterslides
Thursday, August 6th
Double Negative, Gage, Granny Flat, Love Gasoline, Splattergasm

Friday, August 7th
– Dead Kings [ACT], I Exist [ACT], Craterface
Electric Light Hotel, 7:00 pm, 18+
– Capulet [CDL], Move to Strike, Built on Secrets [Vic], Black Lung Theatre
Fowler’s Live, A/A, $10 7:00 pm

Saturday, August 8th
– Deception Bay, This Side Of The Massacre, A Dead Silence, On The Day Of My Disaster
The Underground, $8, 7:00 pm, A/A
– Double Dragon, Mammoth, Lake Nyos, Orphans Of The Sky
Enigma Bar, $10, 9:00 pm, 18+
– Sarsekim, Quasar, Mythyca
Crown and Anchor Hotel, 10:00pm, Free

Wednesday, August 12th
– For Today (US), Saving Grace (NZ), Bloodsport, Marla Singer, Closed Casket
Fowler’s Live, Lic/AA, $12 presale, $15 door, 7:00 pm

Friday, 14th August
– Pathetic Human [Psychadelic hardcore punk from Melbourne, split 7” launch], Suffer [Perth powerviolence], Prisonbitch [CDL], Sex Wizard, OK Peligro
Squatter’s Arms Hotel, 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 15th: Live Hard and Heavy II
– Universum, Skintilla, Octanic, Tread [Vic], Satoria, Amsha, Till Death
Live on Light Square, $13.50 tick’s or $15 door, 6:00 – 11:30 pm, A/A
– ISAW, A Process Of [Vic], San Marcos, Day 13, Code Of Conduct
Adelaide Uni Bar, $12, Lic A/A, 7:00 pm
– The Trace Vapour (Featuring ex-members of Diatribe, Divide Catalyst and Omniu)
The Magill Club

Thursday, August 20th
– Parkway Drive [NSW], August Burns Red, Architects
Thebarton Theatre, tickets $32.40 + b.f., 7:30 pm

Friday, August 21st
– Craterface [CDL], Stolen Youth, Seduction [Vic], Anchors [Vic]
Enigma, $10, 7:30 pm, A/A

September 11th: Cannibal Corpse (US) (with Altars and Closed Casket)
September 12th: Aural Fist (Metal, Noise, Ambient, Experimental)
September 17th: Children Collide
September 19th: Against the Grain V (metal festival)
September 27th: Kreator (Ger), Mortal Sin (Vic)
November 3rd: Arch Enemy (Sweden) and Suffocation (US)
October 11th: Slayer (US) and Megadeth (US)
December 9th: Dream Theatre (US)
December 16th: Lamb of God (US), Devildriver (US) and Shadows Fall (US)

Well, that’s all from me! Next fortnight we’ll let you know how the National Campus Band Comp. went. There’s two more nights to go and if you like metal be sure to come out and support Splattergasm on Thursday, ha ha ha (I’m not biased in my support, there, no…)

Have a jolly fortnight, listeners, and to Lewin – get well soon!
~ Bryce


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