Illuminati – The Seldom Updated.


Hello Everybody!

We apologise for the infrequent updates, but if you think about it, this way is more fun. Really it is.

This week Illuminati regulars Brad and Gem were joined by Chris of LRC fame and fun was had. We talked about being top-free and listened to the Putin Girls.

We also discussed blushing – why do we do it? Unsurprisingly we did not reach a solid conclusion, but we don’t feel too bad because it stumped Ol C Darwin, so what chance did we have!

I’m not going to elaborate any further, so you should tune in this week at midnight on Thursday/Friday for similarly entertaining shenanigans, sans Chris, of course.

Playlist, baby.

  • ‘You Got It’ from Roy Orbison because Gemma can’t get it out of her head, and now maybe you can’t either.
  • ‘Superstition’ from Stevie Wonder because he was a babe when he was younger.
  • ‘He Must Be Like Putin’ from the Putin Girls, an amazing song that definitely isn’t propaganda. Many thanks to Chris for pointing out this musical gem.
  • ‘I’ll Kill Her’ from Soko, another of Chris’ choices.
  • ‘Dudley’ from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, because we can.
  • ‘My Ex-girlfriends Boyfriend’ from Machine Gun Fellatio, because mistakes aren’t always regrets.
  • ‘In The Middle Of Nowhere’ from Dusty to say goodnight.

As always, Lots of Love from Illuminati + 1.

So Attractive!

So Attractive!


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